Finally, You Can Block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook!
Finally, You Can Block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook!

Well if we talk about social networking site, Facebook will be the first one to strike our mind and we all know that Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of the social network giant Facebook. However, you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. But, now it seems that now you can finally block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook.

Finally, You Can Block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner and lord of the social network giant Facebook. As recently we told you all that Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder and CEO, so he can do whatever he wants on his social network.

As he has been granted the freedom to become one of the few users of the social network giant Facebook that cannot be blocked, the privilege that it shares with his wife and with the Chief of Operations of the company as well.

What if you try to block Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan or Sheryl Sandberg on the social network giant Facebook? An error message appears that communicates to you that such action cannot be executed. It does not have any apparent explanation because they are the only profiles that enjoy this exceptional feature.

However, now it seems that soon this thing will change and due to which soon we will be able to block Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of the social network giant Facebook along with his wife Priscilla Chan and the Chief of Operations of the company Sheryl Sandberg.

As earlier, we reported that at the time one of the Facebook spokespersons said that “The temporary error message does not stop any user from reporting profiles or Pages that they think are violating our Community Standards.”

But much has changed for Facebook since 2010, and for Zuckerberg, too. In August 2010, an estimated 400 million people used Facebook, which was 18 months ahead of its IPO. Today, more than 2 billion people use Facebook, now a publicly traded company worth $492 billion.

In September, the fact that Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg had a supposed privilege that he could not be blocked by users made headlines. Those who tried were faced with an error message, and so did his wife as well, of course, Priscilla Chan. According to the portal “The Verge”, the “immunity” came to an end in mid-September. but it was only discovered now. As now you can already block both on Facebook.

The page that shows your list of blocked people and pages in your user settings. If you regret one of them, just simply you have to click the “Unblock” button next to the person’s name. If you do, you can only lock the person again after 48 hours.

At the time of the discovery, the blockade apparently did not happen because of some kind of special protection on their account, and quite the opposite: the two have already been blocked so many times that the site automatically prevented it from happening again.

“The error is not specific to an account,” a company representative explained. “It is generated when a person is blocked a large number of times. In very rare instances, a viral campaign will bring instructions to multiple users to wrongly block the same person.”

Either way, the bug has been corrected and you may already download some of your anger on Zuckerberg for not having created the “dislike” button or for not effectively combating the false news, scams and viruses immortalized by the social network.

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