You don’t actually need a premium DSLR to capture pictures with blurred backgrounds. The camera unit of modern iPhones is powerful enough to capture DSLR-type pictures.

On iPhone, you can install several third-party photo editing apps to give your photos a unique & refreshing touch. Or else, you can use a blur background app to add blur effect to your photos and make them look more professional.

So, if you are looking for options to make your photos look professional, you can try using the apps that add blur effects to your photos. There are hundreds of photo editing apps available for iPhones that have the photo background blur option, and in this article, we will list some of them.

12 Best Blur Background Apps for iPhone

Please note that we have picked the apps based on user rating & personal usage, and all of these apps are available on the Apple App Store. Let’s check out the best blur background apps to blur pictures on iPhone.

1. Blur Photo Background

Blur Photo Background

If you want a no-fuss iPhone app to blur the background of any photo in just a few taps, try Blur Photo Background.

Blur Photo Background is a free app on the Apple App Store that lets you blur unwanted objects from your photos.

The app brings a Blur tool that you can use to add blur to photos. Now, the app has 3 different types of blur effects – Gaussian Blur, Zoom Blur, and Motion Blur.

Apart from the Blur, you can even add Mosaic, Pixel, Crystalize, Dots, and Glass effects to your photos.

2. FabFocus


FabFocus is a portrait app for iPhone that lets you capture amazing portrait shots. The app offers you almost everything you would need to capture & create stunning portrait photos.

The app is compatible with every iPhone running on iOS 12 and above. It also uses advanced image recognition to detect people and smartly blur the background.

The editing tool of FabFocus includes adjusting the amount of blur applied to the background, choosing the shape of the bokeh, changing the brightness & saturation of the foreground and background, etc.

3. AfterFocus


If you are searching for an iPhone app that lets you create DSLR-style background blurred photos, try AfterFocus.

The app allows you to apply the blur effect by selecting the focus area. Also, you get access to various filter effects to create the most natural & realistic photo.

Some of the key features of AfterFocus include smart focus area selection, background blur effects, filter effects, double photos, etc.

4. Tadaa SLR

Tadaa SLR

Tadaa SLR is a premium app on the list, but the background blur it brings looks artistic, realistic, and high-quality. It’s basically a lightweight app that packs many useful features.

With this app installed, you just need to shoot, focus, and apply the blur effect. What we liked most about Tadaa SLR is its accurate edge detection technology.

The edge detection technology works so well that it can easily select the most difficult edges of a photograph. In addition to that, Tadaa SLR also offers several creative blur options.

5. Snapseed


Snapseed from Google is the ultimate photo editing app for iPhone. While the app is more popular on Android, most editing tools are available on iPhone.

Currently, Snapseed offers 29 different photo editing tools & filters, can open JPG & RAW files, add beautiful bokeh to images with the lens blur tool, etc.

Apart from these things, you also get many basic photo editing features like adjusting the color balance, object removal tools, white balance, and more.

6. PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is very similar to the Snapseed app listed just above. It’s an all-in-one photo editing app for iPhone that lets you customize your blur effect for a pro-level look.

The blur photo editor of PhotoDirector lets you manually select the subject to blur the background. It also has AI features that can enhance your image quality quickly.

Some other features of PhotoDirector include face shaper, sky replacement, changing background, filters, frames, and effects.

7. Picsart AI Photo Editor

Picsart AI Photo Editor

Picsart AI Photo Editor is a top-rated iPhone photo editing app on the Apple App Store. The app is already used by millions of users worldwide.

If we talk about the background blur option, the app lets you blur photo backgrounds with its AI-powered smart selection tool. The blur tool is pretty accurate and can detect difficult edges.

Some other features of Picsart AI Photo Editor include removing background, removing unwanted objects, adding trendy filters, adding text to photos with designer fonts, etc.

8. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

If you are searching for a lightweight iPhone app for a one-touch background blur, try YouCam Perfect. It’s a top-rated photo editor for iPhone that provides tools to achieve the best-ever photo.

Besides applying the blur effect, the app brings one tap to erase tool for removing unwanted objects, avatar maker tools, collage maker, frames, effects, etc.

The latest version of Youcam Perfect also has a selfie videos feature that animates selfies & turns them into videos. Overall, YouCam Perfect is an excellent blur background app for iPhone you shouldn’t miss.

9. Fotor AI Photo Editor

Fotor AI Photo Editor

Fotor AI Photo Editor is similar to the other photo editing apps in the article. This one lets you enhance your pictures in just one tap.

Apart from the basic editing features, Fotor AI Photo Editor also provides tools to remove unwanted objects from your photos, apply blur effects to give your photos a professional touch, turn ordinary photos into artwork, etc.

While most of the app’s features are free, some require a premium subscription. The pro subscription unlocks the exclusive elements & all resources.

10. Background Editor

Background Editor

Background Editor is a relatively new iPhone app on the list and isn’t very popular. However, it’s a great app for those who regularly post photos on Instagram or other similar sites.

This is a free photo editing app that provides useful image editing tools. You can use this app to highlight color inside a photo, change/remove the background, blur part of a photo, etc.

Also, there’s an option to adjust the smoothness, brightness, contrast, highlight, shadow, saturation, vignette, exposure, and temperature of the photo.

11. Blur Photo Effect

Blur Photo Effect

While not popular, Blur Photo Effect is one of the best & easy to use photo-blurring apps for iPhone. You can easily get the app for free from the Apple app store of your iPhone.

This could be a great iPhone app to get pixelated or censored faces and hide unwanted objects you don’t want to see on the image.

Blur Photo Effect provides you with an extension collection of blur effects to get the desired results; you also get a large catalog of photo filters that can transform your pictures in just a few tabs.

12. Blurtic Blur Photo Background

Blurtic Blur Photo Background

Blurtic Blur Photo Background is a great iPhone app to improve portrait shots. This free iPhone app allows you to focus the picture by blurring the unwanted parts of an image.

The app provides full manual control for applying a blur effect on the picture. You get the ability to highlight the parts of the image, censor unwanted areas, select custom brush sizes for blurring parts, etc.

Blurtic Blur Photo Background is a 100% free app to download & use; you can unlock the full version by completing the in-app purchase.

So, these are some of the best background blur apps for iPhone. Almost all apps in the article can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Let us know which app is your favorite to blur the photo background on your iPhone.

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