Get the iPhone 6s Live photos to feature on Your Android device using a fantastic app without any need for rooting.

Until now, you must have read our lots of cool tricks and tutorials that include adding various iOS feature to your android. And today, we here again come up with a nifty scheme by which you will be adding the latest cool feature of iOS to your android device. The newest Apple device, the iPhone 6s, has a Live Photos feature in which users can click GIF pictures on their device. And with this, the user can record a small video-type clip containing sGIFs of before and after image-clicking objects. And this feature can now also get added to your android. Yes, it’s possible, and this can be quickly done by following the complete guide below to proceed.

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How to Bring Apple’s ‘Live Photos’ Feature to Your Android Device

The method is quite simple, and you will be using an excellent android app with this feature in it, and, you can click Live Photos on your android device. And the app is free for your device. So follow up with some simple steps below to proceed.

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1. First, on an android device, download and install the excellent Camera MTX app that you will be using your android to click the Live photos.

2.  After installing this app, launch it on your device, and you will see the camera will get activated.

3. Now,, in theappp, you will see the Live option Shots, which is precisely the same as Live Photos of iOS, and you will be using the same feature here.

4. Now enable that feature from the app’s top bar and click the photo you want as a Live Photo in your android.Live Shots 2

5. Now, after clicking the photo, click on the bottom right corner thumbnail and see the image.

6. Just a long tap on the image and the GIF will start playing on your device, and that’s precisely the same as on Apple devices; you can also edit this GIF image ca, capturing time for clicking.Live Shots 1

7. That’s it. You are done, now you have this feature in your android and can impress your friends by exploring it with them.

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With this method, you can easily click out some excellent live photos on your android that are only in Apple 6s, and with the app, you just have this feature in any android. So try this out today. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries about this.