As we all know that Facebook is a social network giant and it is one of the most important information providing platform present currently. Recently, a 27-year old lady named ISIS was blocked from using a Facebook account.

British Woman Banned from Facebook because her name is ISIS

In the recent months, the social network giant Facebook’s policies have caused controversies, as they are censoring certain types of images and even the names of certain people which violate their terms and policies, as happened to a woman in Bristol.

According to the reports, the lady named ISIS Thomas was banned from using her facebook account and was asked to send an identity proof by the social media Giant Facebook.

On June 27 when ISIS tried to log into her profile, she was asked to change the name of the Facebook profile. According to ISIS when she first signed up into Facebook her name was ISIS Worcester but she recently changed her name to ISIS Thomas because the previous name was not her real one.

ISIS said ““I thought it was the surname, so I just changed it to Isis Thomas. But that didn’t work and I realized they had a problem with me being called Isis,”

“They sent a message saying Isis wasn’t allowed, it didn’t comply with the policy. They asked me to send in proof of identity, which I did.”

ISIS also added “I checked out other times this has happened, and found a woman called Isis who had to start a Twitter campaign because Facebook made her send in ID three times before they finally let her back on,”

According to Isis’s mother Sian she kept her name after the ancient Egyptian goddess who was worshiped as the ideal mother, wife and the patron of nature and magic.

Frequently ISIS was commented on her unique and unusual name. However, it was all started when the extremist militant group declared themselves the ISIS. Moreover, ISIS said that ““I have no plans to change my name, though, I love it. I just want Facebook to realize it’s my real name,”