Salespeople are busy people. They need to keep their customers happy, but also keep their bosses happy. How can they juggle all those balls in the air? Well, since the arrival of the mobile CRM solution, their life has become a whole lot easier.

CRM is an automated, centralized solution for efficiently managing customer relationships and the entire sales process. Which is great news for your sales reps.

A mobile CRM solution will provide your field staff with vital customer data at their fingertips, no matter where they are. 

How can a mobile CRM solution keep your customers happy

You know that customer satisfaction is key to your business. But do you know by how much? According to a report by Harvard Business School, businesses growing their customer retention rates by as little as 5%, typically see profit increases ranging from 25% to 95%. 

Which means, if you find a way to keep the customers you already have, rather than constantly chasing after new ones, you will see a real increase in your bottom line. To keep your customers loyal to you, you need to establish a real connection with them. 

A mobile CRM solution can help.

One of your sales reps’ main challenges is to keep on top of all their customer information. Knowing each customers’ most recent purchases, their best sellers and how they like to pay are all key to showing them you’ve taken the time to research their specific needs. This shows you care – and leads to strong long-term relationships. 

Knowing their customers empowers your sales reps to make informed and educated suggestions for up-selling and cross-selling, which translates into an increase in revenue.

Your sales reps must be connected

In the field, there’s no guarantee your sales reps will find a strong internet connection everywhere they go. This creates a huge challenge, as not having their information on hand, or waiting for it to download, means they can’t be effective in front of the customer, which is a waste of time for both parties and lost revenue for you. 

A strong mobile CRM must provide its users with full offline functionality, which syncs automatically with back-office systems such as your ERP or inventory management software when the connection is restored. Offline connectivity means your sales reps can still be productive and close deals, regardless of an unreliable or slow connection.

Can a mobile CRM solution reduce your costs?

The majority of B2B businesses want to reduce their costs and a mobile CRM solution can help that happen.

With customer data at their fingertips, your sales reps no longer waste unproductive administrative time making calls and getting information from your back office. Your back-office staff can concentrate on other tasks, which means plummeting direct selling costs for you. 

So, what is the ROI of investing in a mobile CRM solution? There’s no point wanting to reduce costs, only to realize you’ve over-spent on the software that was supposed to save you money… 

The good news is that according to a report by Nucleus Research, for every dollar you spend on mobile CRM, the return is $8.71. Which is an impressive ROI of 771%!

Improve your business intelligence with a mobile CRM solution

One final benefit of a mobile CRM solution is advanced reporting capabilities from one single source of data. Through integration with your existing ERP, back-office system or accounting software, you can utilize a whole range of sales analytics tools to gain a better understanding of your business, and how to grow it.

Sales Managers can track sales performance indicators, set sales goals and develop accurate sales forecasts. These can be used to plan purchasing and production, set the right campaigns at the right time and more. They can decide who their sales reps should visit, and what they should do during their visits to improve customer relations and increase sales.

Can you afford to be without a mobile CRM solution?


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