The tech giant Google has finally started to roll out the long-awaited Instant Apps feature which simply allows the users to test the apps without installing them.

You Can Try Android’s Best New Feature Right Now

It was during the last conference I/O that the tech giant Google announced it was preparing a new set of applications for Android. These would simply waive the installation of applications on your smartphone for use.

There was no date for this arrival, but the tech giant Google showed that this would be one of its priorities. For the result seems to be in sight, with the first Instant Apps arriving soon, coming from a limited group of programmers.

Instant Apps are what Google understands to be a revolution in the way how mobile applications are distributed since Apple launched the iPhone and the whole concept of associated apps.

These will simply allow users to test and use the applications without having to install them, saving time and resources on their smartphone. Hence, the tech giant Google was to prepare them and announced now the first extensive tests.

Applications that are ready to be used in this new mode are still limited, but Google has supported the programmers who started testing. They will still be limited to a small group of users so that they can give concrete information on what needs to be improved and optimized.

But as normal with Google, these tests will be extended, and soon many more users will be able to test the versions of the BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki applications that have now been released.

Any programmers who want can also develop their applications to run in this mode. These do not need to be revamped, just by changing some components will simply make the application portable.

The tech giant Google’s bet on Instant Apps is great. This will allow users to test and use new applications without having to install them on their smartphones, freeing them from the consuming resources. Instant Apps should arrive for everyone later this year (2017) for all versions of Android.


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