Since the Android Gingerbread, Google has implemented some cool easter eggs in its operating system.

In the current version, the Android Lollipop, the inspiration was the addictive little game Flappy Bird, which puts the player in charge of a bird that must dodge some pipes while accumulating points.

In this adaptation, the search giant changed the beautiful little robot bird green and placed Lollipops instead of pipes.

Steps to Cheat on Android Lollipop Game and Make Unlimited points

However, even after you try hard to score more points in the game, you’ll still find Google’s version as difficult as the original one. Do not worry; we will present a very easy way to “cheat” in this game.

1. The first step is to activate developer mode on your device. If this option is already enabled, skip this step. Otherwise, go to the menu “About phone” and tap several times the “Version number” options.

About phone

2. With the activated developer mode, you now need to browse toward “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

3. Now you need to select the option “Developer options

Developer options

4. Now search for “Animator Duration Scale.”

Animator Duration Scale

5. By default, it is set to  “Animation scale 1x” Change its value to 10x to activate the “cheat”.


6. Now, start the Lollipop play – in the “About phone”, tapping several times on the Android version.

Android version

The game will present as slow animations lollipops that were your main obstacles, will not move from mere distractions. With this little trick, it’s easy to get dozens of points without worrying too much and just giving subtle hints on the screen.

You can still beat some of the lollipops to lose the match. Anyway, with a little attention, it will be easy to break the record, and your friends will give you the name of  “Lollipop game master”. I hope you like the post. Do share with others too! Don’t forget to tell us your scores.



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