We all know very well that research in the field of quantum computing becomes stronger with each passing day. Countries around the world are focusing more and more on the future of computing. Hence, recently, China introduced the world’s first commercial Quantum Network.

China Introduced World’s First Hack-Proof Commercial Quantum Network

Research in the field of quantum computing becomes stronger with each passing day. Countries around the world are focusing more and more on the future of computing.

It is increasingly common to open the news and realize that countries are in fact innovating and working on increasingly sophisticated projects. In the future, quantum computers can be used in many areas and revolutionize them.

In Artificial Intelligence, quantum computers can be used to make Machine Learning algorithms more capable and powerful. Another example can be found in the medical field. These computers can be used as research tools, thus revealing the complexity behind the molecular structures.

The new quantum communication network

Because of the impact that may be caused by quantum computers, China, and its new quantum commercial network have been in the focus of the international press this week. The Asian country is doing everything to be able to develop a secure communications network, and nothing better than using quantum computers.

Undoubtedly, the security provided by a quantum system is the best that exists at the moment, which makes the Chinese project be proof of hackers who want to ruin it. According to local news, the Chinese quantum communication network was installed in Shandong province and represents a major step in the development of such technologies.

It was reported last August that this new communication network sent its first quantum signal from an experimental satellite to Earth. In the United States, when the satellite was launched last year, the Pentagon called this experience “a remarkable breakthrough.”

Thus, after the confidence tests given by the first private commercial network of quantum communication, the system is already being used by more than 200 officials and members of the government, according to a Chinese news agency.

However, the question as to how this futuristic communication system could be used in the future on a commercial level remains to be clarified, since no information in this regard has yet been provided.

According to researchers in the area of quantum computing, quantum channels send messages that take advantage of quantum phenomena, namely, quantum entanglement and superposition. Any attempt to penetrate the system will create disturbances that could be detected at the moment, thus providing security never before seen.

Other countries, including the United States, they have been working on their own quantum networks for several years. These advances are great for encouraging others to develop their own ideas. Ultimately, it is always the citizens who benefit from the advances of science.

So, what do you think about this new breakthrough? SImply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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