Chinese Engineers have created hydrogen gas which is three times more hotter than that of sun. The inventors of this wonderful invention were able to sustain 50 Million Degree C for about 102 seconds. In future, this development could make fusion power a reality.

Scientists in China are approaching towards for creating an Artificial Sun by using Nuclear Fusion. This development could eradicate dependence of human beings on fossil fuels. It would offer unlimited and clean energy for lifetime.

China Invented ‘Artificial Sun’ On Earth for Creating Unlimited Energy

Artificial Sun
Artificial Sun

In the past, Germany made headlines of creating 2 Megawatts of Microwave Radiation to heat hydrogen gas to 80 Million ° C for less than second.

Fusion takes by place by using two kinds of Hydrogen Atoms which are Deuterium and Tritium and then injecting these gases into a containment jar. Scientist then add energy which eliminates the electrons from their host atoms which forms ion plasma and releases immense amount of energy.

If this strategy of obtaining energy is successful, it will act as inexhaustible source of power and possibly will resolve world’s energy distress.

According a report by the South China Morning Post, The Chinese Experiment was carried out last week on a magnetic fusion reactor at the Institute of Physical Science in Hefia capital of Jiangsu province.

The main objective of this technique was to get 100 Million Celsius Mark for about 1000 seconds. China achieved milestone of perfect nuclear fusion and may soon end all fossil fuel crisis across the world.

China has moved to first place in the race of achieving perfect solar energy harvesting. This Chinese Technology could help Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) which is currently being built in France finally crack the code.

The Germany’s €1 Billion “Stellarator” achieved another milestone in December by heating plasma to about 1 Million Degrees Celsius for quarter of a second.

So, this is all about the Chinese Technology which is stepping very near to develop “Artificial Sun”. According to some reports, it is three times more hotter than sun. It will be beneficial source of unlimited energy and may be answer to end worldwide fossil fuel crisis. Leave your comments below, or add more about this interesting invention.


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