How does the dead person looks like if he/she has met accident or some disaster? Sometimes their body gets completely disfigured or some organ may get separated from the body. Chinese Parlor is offering services, which repairs the body parts of the dead body and completely restores them.

Chinese Funeral Parlor Repairs The Dead Through 3D Printing

Shanghai Longhua funeral home is using 3D printing technology to replace the body parts of a person, which have been partially or fully damaged in accidents, disasters or fire incidents. Moreover, this parlor is repairing the dead body in such a way which make them look younger and look better than when they are were alive.

According to the report from, the prosthetic’s are up to 95% accurate, however they are not exact copy but may be considered as good copies.

Materials Used For Restoring Organs of The Dead Body

Usually, 3D printers combine with layers of materials which include metal, plastic, ceramic and paper to make three dimensional objects that are based on a scanned image. They have used to create almost everything like guns, coffee cups, model cars and clocks. Presently, researchers are working to make it possible to create human tissue and organs.

Notably, 3D printing was used to restore the faces of firefighters who were killed in a massive explosion in the Tianjin [City in China] last year.

Official from Shanghai Funeral and Interment Service Center, Liu Fengming sent experts to assist with the restoration work. He said “It is difficult for relatives to see incomplete faces or bodies of their loved ones when they attend memorial services, and makeup cannot always sufficiently repair them”.

Pricing :

In China, 3D service has a price tag depending upon the severity of the injury. For example, to restore the face of the person, it will cost about CNY 4000 [$618] – $772].

However, it is not the first time that 3D Printing has been used in the funeral services. UPD Urns in California has the potential to create a three dimensional chest of the dead person that fits on the top of the urn “containing their ashes”.


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