We all know very well that recently, the tech giant Google introduced the Chrome 63, but now to enhance the feature and purify the security of its most used and popular web browser, Google Chrome, the tech giant Google just launched the latest version of Chrome (Chrome 64) in which you can silence annoying autoplay videos and more.

Although the launch by the tech giant Google of version 63 of its Chrome browser is very recent, it is certain that it is already in beta version Chrome 64. Therefore, we will soon be able to enjoy the improvements and novelties with which this new version of Google Chrome will arrive. It should be noted that Chrome 64 will have an improved popup blocker and allow the possibility of silencing an entire web page.

Chrome 64 will allow to silence a whole web

Undoubtedly, these two novelties are features that the tech giant Google’s most used and popular Chrome users will welcome with open arms. Until now, the tech giant Google’s popular and leading web browser allowed to individually silence those tabs that were playing sound and that we did not want to hear. However, many users have often missed the possibility of silencing an entire website.

Well, this is what you can do with the beta version of Chrome 64. An option that is available in the permissions tab that is displayed when we click just to the left of the URL in the browser’s address bar. There we found a new option to silence an entire web and not just the tab that we are in.

Improved popup blocker in Chrome 64

The popup blocker or pop-up windows also comes improved with a very interesting feature for users and the tech giant Google already announced last November that soon it will reach your browser. Chrome 64 will avoid automatic redirects, something that has already been improved in Chrome 63 but is further enhanced in Chrome 64.

A function that in addition to avoid clicking on popups with advertising when we think we click on the web that is shown behind, will also prevent popups with malicious code from being displayed and end up being victims of any type of malware. Therefore, it is a way to increase security in the browser.

Other Chrome 64 features

It should also be noted that this version of Chrome will have support for playing HDR videos when Windows 10 is in this mode, although yes, it is necessary to have Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and a graphics card and screen compatible with HDR. And last but not least, the tech giant Google’s most used and popular web browser, Chrome 64 will allow you to create up to three download threads so that the download speed in the browser increases. In addition, in Chrome OS, version 64 of the browser offers a split view for enhanced multitasking in tablet mode.

So, what do you think about these all new features introduced by the tech giant Google for its most used and popular web browser, Chrome? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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