The new Google Chrome extension “Off the Record” stores your browsing history temporarily until you close your windows, this is best for those who frequently use an incognito window for browsing.

This Chrome Extension Records your Browsing history in Incognito mode

There are times when we need to browse the web in incognito mode, whenever we are in friends home or in office, we always prefer to browse in incognito mode because in incognito mode your browsing history and cookies never get saved so that no one can track down your search history.

Off The Record History
Off The Record History

As we know that Google Chrome’s incognito mode simply allows us to surf the web and search for our desired stuff without recording our browsing history. However, there are times when you might want that history. Off the record History is a chrome extension that simply allows you to record temporary history file in incognito mode.

The new Off the Record History extension manages to save your browsing history in incognito mode for as long as you have the incognito window opened in your browser. You can manage all your browsing history and can see your browsing history. However, after you close the window the entire search history will be lost and it will clean out all your incognito searches.

It will be very handy for those who use incognito mode on their computer to check their emails and social accounts, as this extension lets you browse without losing search history. Let’s know the extra features of this extension.

Features of “Off The Record History”

  • Provides full private browsing history
  • Provides a list of recently closed tabs
  • Self-destructs history on closing browser
  • Option to delete history manually

To make use of this Chrome extension you simply need to install this extension from Chrome Webstore, after that, you need to head over the extension manager tab and have to enable this extension for incognito mode. If all went right you can see the “Off the Record history” extension on an incognito window and you can make use of it.


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