Combine PDF Files in Windows PC.
Combine PDF Files in Windows PC.

Easily Combine PDF Files in Android with the help of below given possible ways that will be greatly helpful to easily merge the pdf files and edit them accordingly. So follow the below guide to proceed.

PDF files are a great source of some important information tagged in pages into one single place from where the users or the viewers could get some sort of information easily. These files contain a number of pages which might include images, text etc which all relates to some kind of topic. Every other PDF file contains some different kind of information that might be related to some category, and you could most probably get the same kind of PDF’s in which the similar topic have been discussed. In that case, it might become difficult for you to simultaneously open both of these PDF files so as to access the kind of information from both files related to the same category, and for that, you can actually think of merging these PDF files into one single file. Yes! this could be done easily but for that you need to perform some kind of method, here in this article we have discussed such method through which you could easily join or combine PDF files into one single file using your android. Just go and read the article to know about the method!

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How to Combine PDF Files in Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some simple ways that will be helpful. So follow the below ways to proceed.

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Steps To Combine PDF Files in Android:

  1.  First of all, in your Android device, you need to download and install the app Pdf Merge  the app that is going to help you to merge pdf files.
  2. After installing the app, you will see the storage of your device and now you need to click on the merge tab there in the app.
    Combine PDF Files in Android
    Combine PDF Files in Android
  3. Now under merge section, you need to add the pdf files that you want to merge and you need to select them from your storage where they are actually located.
     Combine PDF Files in Android
    Combine PDF Files in Android
  4. After you added the files, simply merge them and execution process will start and within few moments merged pdf will be generated and you will see the pdf file.
     Combine PDF Files in Android
    Combine PDF Files in Android
  5. Now you can directly open the merged pdf output there.
  6. That’s it ! You are done, you have your merged documents with you.

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So, this was the method through which you can easily combine multiple PDF files into one single file and hence access it as a regular PDF file. This method isn’t difficult at all as you might have got from the article and it could be performed within few minutes only. Now just go and use this method to make the joint project PDF files of your own to keep away from the resistance all these files used differently with so much difficulty!




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