We all know very well that the tech giant Google has a habit of trying to meet the application needs of its Android ecosystem. Hence, the tech giant Google just added an extraordinary and exclusive feature to its search engine through which now you can compare any two smartphones.

Now You Can Compare Any Two Smartphones With Google’s New Search Tool

Today we talk about a new update of the google search, as we all know that the tech giant Google occasionally adds new features to its web search or makes design changes, but the tech giant Google recently created a mobile phone comparator through which every user can easily compare any smartphone in the search result itself.

This new comparator is now part of the Google search results, that is, if you want to compare a Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 automatically the search engine will display their respective technical specifications tables.

According to the website Androidpolice, this habitual comparator of telephones in Google has not arrived at all the corners of the world, with which it seems to be distributed for the moment. Of course, thanks to this new update we can compare any type of phone with others in the market, either by entering in the search engine “model vs model”; replacing the word model with the brand we want to compare.

Google releases a mobile comparator in its own search engine

However, the search will show several columns with some comparisons, but if we want to see the rest of the content compared, we must press the blue button to display what remains, however, that is not all that this new website update provides. Since there is a way to highlight the differential characteristics between the two.

This seems to only work when comparing two models. There is no need to worry if in your search engine you still can not make this comparison since it is not yet available for all users.

With this new implementation of the tech giant Google, users will be able to make comparisons of different mobile devices in a much faster and more accurate way. Without forgetting the important characteristics of each of the most popular smartphones in the market.

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