How to Convert your Favorite YouTube Videos and See Behind the Music
How to Convert your Favorite YouTube Videos and See Behind the Music

Music may just be the most versatile type of entertainment on the face of the planet. There is a huge number of ways in which songs can be used, and it seems like they will never go out of style.

How to Convert your Favorite YouTube Videos and See Behind the Music

Melodies can be employed to make our lives more fun, exciting, and even as a form of therapy. Let’s explore some of them and see just how music and YouTube videos can change our lives for the better.

Music inception

In ancient Greece, music was an innovation. Pythagoras classified music as a science and developed the octave scale as a result of studying and thoroughly analyzing and dissecting it.

In ancient civilizations, music was said to bring harmony and well-being to the one listening to it. Things haven’t changed so much since then.

Numerous composers have made history with their amazing works of art, some of which we can instantly recognize today. We still think of them as a staple of elegance, art, and they represent the lengths mankind can reach when putting creative thoughts into perspective.

Contemporary example of applying math to music in 5 steps

If we think of all the music-related tools in existence today, we know that there are all sorts of intricate, complex editing programs that give you a lot of power when it comes to modifying the nature of your sound files, but what about the simple tools out there? The ones that focus solely on those features users need: speed, accuracy, and simplicity.

Easy to use and no technical knowledge required sounds like a dream come true. But is it really possible? Let’s see just how easy it can get.

1. Open the video in your browser
2. Copy the video link that appears in the address bar

3. Go to

4. Paste the URL in the search box provided on the homepage

5. Press the Convert to MP3 button and watch that loading screen go!

That’s all it takes to convert a video into a mp3 format. After that, all that’s left to do is to press the Download button to take the file to your device. With such simplicity available at our fingertips every day, imagine how many possibilities can be created for using these versatile sound containers.

Video Tutorial:

How sound is produced and how it moves

A vibration can be created in any physical environment, like air or water. In the air, the vibration creates longitudinal waves through which sound travels. These waves can either have high or low pressure. That’s why we can hear multiple pitches of sound. The longer the wavelength the lower the pitch.

Mp3 compression – intelligent selection at its finest

Lossy compression is especially popular when used to save space and reduce file size. When speaking of compressing sound, many things come into play, however, this is one of the most widely used compression techniques.

The mp3 format uses lossy compression to condense audio files so as to make them smaller and, while some might argue that this process reduces quality, the actual outcome implies a way to save a large number of files in a much more reduced volume of space. The smart way this particular compression takes place selectively eliminates only that information which cannot be perceived. In other words, you have to be a highly trained specialist or use special software in order to hear that bits of sound were extracted from the audio.

Why humans and music go so well together

There are tons of musical styles, genres and artists, each with their own, individual styles and ways of getting a message across, whatever that message might be.

Music can be a form of therapy, a way to safely express your inner feelings, and a way to feel more relaxed.

This is the main reason YouTube’s popularity has boomed since it was first introduced to the public. Listening to music is the main reason people go on YouTube nowadays. So the creation of tools to complement YouTube videos was only natural.

How to enjoy the many uses of music

There are numerous ways of interacting with sound, from listening to music to playing an instrument.

In a hectic society, with so much stress going around, music can provide instant relief and an instant way for anyone to take a break and find a little peace of mind.

Popular culture and the importance of music

Music is so widely spread all over the world, and so popular among all ages, cultures, races, and nationalities, that it is not in the least surprising that our everyday lifestyles, preferences, and even the ways we view others, would be influenced by those skilled in the musical arts.

Celebrities have gained huge power, affecting society in both positive and negative ways, and all thanks to the power of music.

Will people’s views on music change in the future?

We will always love music because it will always find a way to entertain even the most pretentious member of the community. If an emotion can be felt, you can bet that it can also be expressed through song.

Start interacting with music and discover how many uses you can find for songs that fit your preferences and personal style.


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