Court Refused To Accept Evidence From FBI

Over the past few months, the FBI began quite often resort to illegal ways hold of private information. Previously Bureau hired hackers to crack the smartphone terrorist, now used by malicious software.

Court Refused To Accept Evidence From FBI

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] judge of the Federal District Court of Massachusetts refused to accept evidence against Alex Levin from the FBI specialists, as FBI obtained the data with the help of malicious software. The court considered the case of child pornography, but the lawyers were able to show that the information obtained about the suspected violation of the law.

This is the case against Alex Levin, the administrator of one of the largest sites with child pornography “PlayPen”. At the end of last year as part of an FBI raid a few weeks of supervised work of PlayPen site.

During this time, staff office “caught on live bait” visitors resource. Because the site is working as a hidden service in Tor network, the FBI has developed an exploit that allows to reveal the IP-address of the portal user. The result of the operation was charged with possession of child pornography, at least 137 people in the US and the initiation of investigations on the case outside of the country.

According to the US District Judge William Young, the magistrate issued a search warrant to gather evidence against the administrator of one of the largest sites with child pornography Alex Levin, who did not have proper jurisdiction. The US District Judge Young said that “In fact, the final result was obtained without a warrant, and the search was conducted unreasonably and adding that the evidence should be excluded from the case”.

In order to identify 214,898 users resource of PlayPen, FBI used a package of measures known as the method of investigation in computer networks (Network Investigative Technique, NIT). This technology (which is, in fact, malicious software) allows the secret services FBI to obtain data every time the owner of the infected computer logging into PlayPen.


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