Top Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password (Latest Edition)

Like the Computer Operating systems provide the functionality of encrypting the created accounts, there are some devices especially the laptops in which one can set up the passwords for their hard drive disk. And it’s time to crack password of hard disk with below guide.

If someone has put the password encryption on their hard drive then they would be able to access it only after putting that password while the BIOS shall ask up for that in every new boot. If you forget its password then there is possibly no way to recover or get access to your OS and hard disk as the most of the technicians feel like. But still there are some methods that you can use so as to find or crack up the HDD password, these methods cannot always work but can be helpful most of the times. If you have your HDD password lost and you need to crack up the HDD password then follow up any of the methods from the below article.

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Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password

There is actually no method that you can use to crack HDD password but you can use up some of the great software or programs for that very purpose. So have a look on all these tools below.

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#1 HDD Unlock Wizard

Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password
Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password

This is a type of user-friendly application that can easily remove HDD passwords and it can potentially remove up the passwords for the IDE and SATA hard disks and none other than these are supported. This can easily remove even the master passwords from those hard disks and therefore removing up the user set passwords might be too easy for this software. While using up the HDD Unlock Wizard, you should note that all your HDD data will be erased and you will end up with an empty disk. It is actually not possible to recover up to the whole data as well as unlock the HDD simultaneously so you will have to depart with something and that is most probably you will need up the HDD, not the data.

#2 Victoria HDD

Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password
Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password

Using this tool that is very much powerful to diagnose the whole HDD information, you can also crack up the HDD passwords. This software works like DOS only and has same level controls over the Hard disk that you could expect from it’s rival. The main thing about this software that makes it far better is that it do not require any extensive usage of CPU load, memory etc and can run smoothly like other apps only. You can also expect up the results from this software within few minutes to some hours that is comparatively very less.

#3 Ultimate Boot CD

Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password
Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password

There is a master password for every Hard Disk set up by the manufacturers just for the safety of the device and to recover up to the data in case you lost up the user set password. Now using up the master password for your HDD, you can easily recover the password and then reset it to your wish. Follow the below method to reset your HDD password:

Step 1. Download up the Ultimate Boot CD software first and then burn it to the Disk. Boot from this CD and follow up the below procedure.

Step 2. On the main menu you should choose up the option “HDD”>”diagnostic”>”MHDD v4.6″ and after reaching there you will see a list of hard disk you wish to unlock.

Step 3. Now to unlock it using up the master password of the HDD that you have to find up using the web, just, type Unlock and reply with “1”. Fill up the master password for your HDD from a particular manufacturer and then press enter.

Step 4. If the password you entered is correct type “DISPWD” and again reply with the “1”. You will have to retype your Disk password again and then after that click on the enter button. This will Unlock your HDD and after that, you have to reboot your computer.


Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password
Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password

This isn’t the tool that will remove up the HDD password but through this software, you can remove up the BIOS password. As BIOS password is also used by some users and this also prevents to access up the HDD settings and boot settings until the correct password is filled so if anyone got stuck in this situation they can use up this tool. For removing up the BIOS password, just follow the below steps:

Step 1. Download and extract up the CMOS PWD tool to your computer drive and then after that open up the Run window. Type cmd and press up the enter to run the Command Prompt.

Step 2. Type “cd location_of_download” and then press enter. After that type “ioperm -i” command and press enter and then again type the other command “cmospwd_win /k” and press the enter button.

Step 3. This will show you the screen where you will see numbers “1”, “2”, “0” and you just have to type “2” and press up the enter button. This will then remove up the BIOS password from your computer and you can easily access it on next boot.

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#5 Ophcrack

Ophcrack - Top Best Tools To Crack Hard Disk Password (Latest Edition)
bypass hard drive password

Ophcrack is basically a Windows Password cracker, but it can also help you to crack hard disk drive passwords. Since the tool doesn’t need any access to Windows, you can crack the password or can recover the lost password. Users just need to download the ISO Image file and burn it to the USB Flash Drive or CD and then boot into it. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to crack hard disk drive password.

#6 Kon-Boot

Reset HDD Password
Reset HDD Password

Kon-Boot is another best free password reset program which you can use to crack hard disk drive password. The best thing about Kon-Boot is that it’s really very easy to use and it works with the Windows operating system. Not just hard disk drive passwords, you can use the app to reset Windows passwords as well. So, Kon-Boot is another best tool to crack hard disk drive password.

#7 Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit
Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit brings a wide range of mini tools for password recovery process. The great thing about Trinity Rescue Kit is that it allows users to remove the password entirely. Apart from that, the tool packs few other features which could help you to reset HDD or USB drive password. So, its another best tool to crack hard disk drive passwords 2019.

Now you have learned about the multiple methods by using which you can easily crack or bypass the password protection of the Hard disk drive. All these methods won’t require you to have any advance knowledge about the process but you just have to follow through some simple tasks such as to get your work done. Now choose any of the above methods and try to get your HDD unlocked easily!