There are several traps that fraudsters or hackers can set up at ATMs to dupe bank customers. Here are 5 common ways hackers use to hack into ATMs. Read out the full article to know about it.

5 Danger Signs To Look For Each Time You Use An ATM

Well, everyone uses ATM in their daily life to withdraw money. From past few months, we have seen that the world had witnessed some financial data breaches. The previous year, India witnessed one of the biggest financial data breaches in its banking history.

Almost 32 lakh debit cards across the country were hacked. Reports claimed that hackers have used a malware that had infected the banking system of almost 19 popular banks in India.

If we leave malware attacks behind, there are several other traps that fraudsters or hackers can set up at ATMs to dupe bank customers. Here are 5 common ways hackers use to hack into ATMs

#1 Card Skimmer

In short, Card skimmers are the tiny devices that are usually installed on the ATMs card reader slot. These devices can read and copy the information from the magnetic strip of your debit card to steal money.

#2 Misaligned Card Slots

If you think that the card slot feels little bulky or misaligned, then there are high chances that there is an additional card reader slot placed on the top of the actual one. These additional slot has been placed by criminals to steal all your debit card information.

#3 False Keyboard

Well, after using the card skimmer, hackers just need to know your password to hack into your bank account. Sometimes, criminals place a false keyboard on top of the actual keypad. So, next time if the keypad feels spongy to touch or loose, don’t enter your PIN.

#4 Lebanese Loop

This is another popular technique used by criminals to hack ATMs. There is a tiny device which is called Lebanese loop holds your debit card back in the machine. This force users to think that the machine has swallowed the card or it has been stuck. So, next time if the card slot appears wobbly or loose, don’t try to adjust it.

#5 Hidden Camera

Well, we have discussed many ways on how criminals can steal debit card details. But, what about the passwords? Well, for this criminals uses Hidden camera which is usually placed at the machine or even the root at a strategic position to record the pin.

So, these are the five common ways hackers use to hack into ATMs. These things are hard to spot, but it wasn’t impossible. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too!


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