Looking for ways to view deleted Reddit posts? Here are the best ways to view removed Reddit comments or posts.

Reddit is the best forum-based discussion board out there. And it calls itself the front page of the internet. Reddit is a go-to source for users to find information on any topic worldwide.

If you have been an active Reddit user, you may know that the platform favors anonymous discussions. Due to this feature, Reddit users can become anonymous and say whatever they want.

While anonymous posting on Reddit is useful, when a post or comment goes against the subreddit’s guidelines, they are deleted without prior notification. As a result, you may see [removed] or [deleted] tags on certain Reddit posts or comments.

How to See Removed Reddit Posts/Comments

Also, the poster can delete their post or comment whenever they want. However, what if you’re curious to read a deleted post or comment on Reddit? In that case, you need to depend on some third-party sources. Here’s how you can see removed Reddit posts and comments.

1. Unddit


Unddit is the best and most convenient tool to view deleted Reddit posts or comments. The good thing about the site is that it can display both posts and comments.

To easily differentiate posts and comments, it color codes the posts. What makes Unddit more useful is that it also displays the username of the user who originally posted the post or comment.

Using Unddit is also pretty easy; you must visit the website and drag the read ‘Unddit’ bookmarklet to the Bookmarks bar. Once added, you must open the Reddit post where a comment is deleted.

When the post containing the deleted comments opens, click on the Unddit bookmarklet on the Bookmark bar. This will let you view the archived page, and you will be able to see the deleted Reddit comments.

2. Resavr


Resavr is another best web tool to read deleted Reddit comments. But, it’s least recommended due to certain reasons.

The good thing is that it’s a site dedicated to viewing deleted Reddit comments, but the major downside is that you don’t get any option to search for a specific thread.

This means you can’t search for a specific thread using its link; you need to use keywords related to the post to view the deleted comments.

3. Reveddit


Reveddit is very similar to the Unddit that we have listed above. The website is designed to reveal Reddit’s removed content. You can find deleted Reddit posts or comments by searching with username, subreddit (r/), link, or domain.

If you use Reddit from a desktop web browser like Google Chrome, you can also install Reveddit’s extension known as ‘reveddit real-time’. This extension will track a specific Reddit threat and notify you when the content is removed.

There are two ways to use Reveddit. The first is by using the website, and the second one is to substitute ‘reddit’ in the thread URL with ‘reveddit’.

4. Google Cache

Google Cache

Google Cache is another reliable way to see deleted Reddit posts and comments. However, Google Cache will be useful only if Google has saved the cache version of the Reddit post containing the deleted comment.

To utilize Google Cache, search the Reddit post using the thread’s title. You will find the post in the search results if the post is indexed.

To access the cached version of the search result, click on the three dots next to the result and select ‘Cached’. If Google created the cached version before the thread or comment had been deleted, you could view it.

5. The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a website that lets you go ‘back in time’ to see what websites looked like in the past.

The website takes and saves active websites’ snapshots at regular intervals, allowing you to access them later when the site is offline or taken down.

The Wayback Machine archives the entire internet, including the Reddit website. So, to use The Wayback Machine, you need to open the website and paste the URL of the Reddit post you want to view.

The Wayback Machine will return with every snapshot it has recorded until now. You need to pick the relevant snapshot and view the Reddit post. However, you won’t see the deleted content if the user/moderator deleted a comment or Reddit thread before Wayback Machine could archive it.


Below, we have answered some of the most asked questions about deleted Reddit posts. Check it out.

Can You See Deleted Reddit Posts?

Reddit web version and the app don’t provide you any option to see the deleted posts. However, you can use the sites we have shared on the article to see Reddit posts that have been deleted.

Where do deleted Reddit posts go?

Once a post is deleted from Reddit, it’s deleted from the user’s history and the thread it was posted in. For a temporary period, Reddit admins can see the deleted posts in the archives on their server.

Are deleted Reddit accounts gone forever?

Yes, once a user deletes a Reddit account, it’s gone forever. All posts made from the account will become unavailable. Another thing is, if a user changes their mind in the future, they can’t sign up with the same Reddit username.

What is the difference between Removed and Deleted on Reddit?

If the original poster of the comment removed their comment, this would show ‘Deleted’. But, if the Reddit moderators find a comment offensive and remove it due to violating the terms, it will show ‘Removed’.

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So, these are the few best ways to see deleted Reddit posts. All the methods we shared were free and didn’t require software installation. If you need more help viewing deleted Reddit posts or comments, let us know in the comments below.


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