Well, Torrent is mostly used to download large files on the internet. To download the torrent files, you would need a reliable torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent. Both of the torrent clients were known for their better torrent management features and simple UI. These are the most popular torrent client available for Windows 10 operating system.

Despite being popular, lots of users still face problems while downloading large torrent files. Users often complain about slow downloading speed. Also, both BitTorrent and uTorrent client serves users ads which affect the downloading speed. So, in this article, we have decided to share a method to block ads on uTorrent and BitTorrent clients.

Disable Ads From Torrent Client (uTorrent & BitTorrent)

The method which we are going to share below doesn’t require any additional app installation. We have shown the BitTorrent method; you need to implement the same thing on uTorrent client to remove ads. So, let’s check out how to turn disable ads from torrent clients

Step 1. First of all, launch your favorite torrent client – BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Launch your favorite torrent client
Launch your favorite torrent client

Step 2. Next, head to the Option > Preferences.

Head to the Option > Preferences
Head to the Option > Preferences

Step 3. Under the Preferences, you need to click on the ‘Advanced’

Click on the 'Advanced'
Click on the ‘Advanced’

Step 4. Under the Advanced browse to the following two – “offers.left_rail_offer_enabled”, “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled”

Search the following items
Search the following items

Step 5. You need to change the value of the following items to ‘False’

Change the value of the following items to 'False'
Change the value of the following items to ‘False’

Step 6. Once done, restart the Torrent client.

That’s it! You are done. Now you will not see a single ad on Torrent client.

So, this is article is all about how to disable ads from torrent client. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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