Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer
Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

Learn how to Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer using the simple hack that will allow you to disallow the ads that you see while browsing this operating system. Follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]indows 10 was the newest version of operating system that was introduced by the Microsoft for its series, and by this new version it has molded inside lots of newer functions, changed up the whole look and added some more useful apps. Due to the reason, the people all around the globe started to install this amazing operating system on their computer devices. But with some time of using this, all new version of Windows got huge disrespect to the Microsoft from the side of users, not due to the lacking functions or any disabilities but because of the blasting Ads which were too placed in almost every major panel. This totally ruined the look and free feel for the major panel like File Explorer, Start Menu, etc. Users wished to remove or hide those Ads but certainly as there is no way to do so! To remove up the Ads from the File Explorer of the Windows 10 we have found up the method, for any user willing to remove the Ads from this working panel just read out the article as we have written up the method there.

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How to Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

The method is quite simple and easy, and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

#1 First of all, you have to log in to your Windows account and then reach up to the File Explorer. You all know about the way to reach the File Explorer as it is not difficult at all. The thing here you would now be noticing is that the Ads tend to appear letting you know about the OneDrive facilities and also about the subscription offers to the Microsoft Office with cloud storage.

#2 These Ads appearing won’t be useful to you at all, ads, fortunately, you could run over those completely and so very easily. Now as you are inside the File Explorer just look for the View option from the menu bar above the explorer window and just click on that. Under that menu look for the ‘Options‘ and then click on that.

Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer
Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

#3 In the Folder Options window that would open up after the above step, switch to the view tab and uncheck the box which says that “Show sync provider notification.” After doing so click on the OK button and that’s all. All those Ads is appearing would go away soon and you should get the clean looking File Explorer!

Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer
Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

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Finally, you have got about the method through which you could be able to easily disable those Ads appearing inside the File Explorer on the Windows 10. The Windows 10 consist of Ads in many parts of its panels and working functions, by this method you would just be removing the Ads appearance from the file Explorer only. Just utilize up the method and hence get the cleaner and clearer Windows 10 file management!


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