Disable Error Reporting In Windows 10

If you are fed up from the various system interrupts and the error reports that you think are useless then its time to disable the Windows error reporting services to stay focused toward the work by editing some simple registry settings that we had discussed in this article.

In Windows while performing lots of tasks sometime the errors  occur in the form of error dialog boxes actually these are called system interrupts, the interrupts that kernel send on its OS layer. This is just because of failure of any of the task in windows working like it can be any memory access failure or any file access error. But generally these interrupts irritates a lot as if their priority is more than the current running programs then you have to deal with the before access the running programs. And sometime due to excessive trojan virus number of system errors can be increases and you will get lots of irritated. So here we come up with the great solution that will help you to disable these run dialog box. Yes its possible and I know that most of you might not have tried this till yet. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

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How to Disable Error Reporting In Windows 10

The method is quite simple and straight and you just need to edit some of the registry settings that will disable the Popup Windows errors on the windows screen. And for that you need to follow the simple steps below to proceed.

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Steps To Disable Error Reporting In Windows 10:

  1. First of all in your windows 10 PC Press “Win+R” keys of a keyboard. And this will open a Run explorer. There enter Regedit and registry edit windows will open.
    Disable Windows Error reporting
    Disable Windows Error reporting
  2. Now you need to navigate to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting these are the registry settings that displays all the interrupt that occurs in the screen to display them to the users.
    Disable Windows Error reporting
    Disable Windows Error reporting
  3. There you need to find the value named “Disabled” or add a new DWORD value with this name if it doesn’t exist.
  4. The default value of this key is 0 simply double click it to edit and then change the value to 1 and then click on save.
  5. Thats it with this the interrupting dialog box will get disabled and whenever the error found in the system then the Windows will be searching online to try to find a solution or You get a dialogue stating that the application has crashed, giving you the option to Debug the respective.

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So above discussion is all about Disabling Error Reporting In Windows 10, With this you can easily disable the error interrupts in your windows that can actually distract you from your work. So try this out today, Hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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