Donald Trump Advised To Train 100,000 Hackers
Donald Trump Advised To Train 100,000 Hackers

The 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II administration recommends the President-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump to train 100,000 hackers to protect the U.S. from the cyberattacks

Donald Trump Advised To Train 100,000 Hackers

Almost nothing surprises Donald Trump, by crazy as it may seem. Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States and on next January 2017, Trump will come to power thanks in part to his populist ideas and comments, which have no real support and are based on simplifications of complex ideas.

However, the Cybersecurity has been one of those topics covered by populist techniques, since the President-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump know almost everything about computers, technology, and security.

Despite the little idea that can have Donald Trump on cybersecurity, it is true that such threats are increasingly present in every country in the world. Russia itself hacked into the US Democratic Party, filtering a large number of emails that have appeared in Wikileaks in recent months.

In order to protect the country, the current administration of the Barack Obama has recommended the future administration of Donald Trump to train 100,000 white hat hackers (‘ethical’ or ‘good’) simply to protect the United States from the cyber attacks that can receive from the other foreign countries. So, it is assumed that the target of so many hackers would be fulfilled in 2020.

The reason behind this recommendation is that the best hackers are just fleeing to the private sector because the salary is higher, thus, they are not staying at the best in front of the defense of the country. There are few security experts today, and industry demand worldwide has soared, especially in more developed countries.

In addition, to train these hackers, among other recommendations to the future government of Donald Trump, it is to be created incentives for private companies to create safer products, as this will be achieved by reducing the margin of vulnerability that can have the country.

But, if no incentives are created, then the device manufacturers will be considered guilty if manufactured unsafe products and therefore they should be penalized.

Barack Obama said in a statement “Agencies are increasingly centralizing their cybersecurity efforts and relying on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for shared services like vulnerability detection, network discovery and monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, and cybersecurity assessments of high priority IT systems. Consolidating DHS’ cybersecurity and infrastructure protection missions within a single DHS line agency—as my Administration has proposed, and as the Commission recommends—would further strengthen DHS’ ability to support federal and critical infrastructure cybersecurity”.

He also added that “In total, the Commission’s recommendations affirm the course that this Administration has laid out, but make clear that there is much more to do and the next Administration, Congress, the private sector and the general public need to build on this progress. Deepening public-private cooperation will help us better protect critical infrastructure and respond to cyber incidents when they occur. Expanding the use of strong authentication to improve identity management will make all of us more secure online. Increasing investments in research and development will improve the security of products and technologies. Investing in human capital, education, and the productivity of the cybersecurity workforce will ensure that this country’s best and brightest are helping us stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve. Continuing to prioritize and coordinate cybersecurity efforts across the federal government will ensure that this critical challenge remains a top national security priority. And furthering the promotion of international norms of responsible state behavior will ensure that the global community is able to confront the ever-evolving threats we face”.

However, some people pointed out that the board did not properly stress the significance of encryption, encoding information so that it’s kept secured from the criminals and from the spies as well.

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