According to Samsung the tech giant company is informing its customers not to install Windows 10 upgrade on their system and the reason is Samsung is still inadequate to make compatible drivers for the latest version of Windows and notifying its users to stay away from it.

Samsung: “Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 Because We Suck At Making Drivers”

If you own a Samsung Computer then the company might force you to avoid the upgrade to Windows 10 and it’s because Samsung neglect to update its drivers. There are many records that showed from past year Samsung users getting significant hardware failures to work with latest Windows 10 update

The reason behind this is simple, Samsung computers don’t completely support Microsoft’s windows 10 operating system. On the other hand, Microsoft has been working hard to encourage people to update their windows 7 and 8 to windows 10.

Updating windows OS doesn’t mean your computer owns all the things required to operate any hardware on your computer properly. You need drivers for that, and you could blame Samsung for not releasing decent drivers for windows 10.

Samsung Customers have been noted complaining frequently throughout the past 15 months due to the errors regarding drivers, either users are failing to install Windows 10 or it is not working properly because of incompatible drivers

Numerous users had been seen reporting the essential features like WiFi, Bluetooth not working after upgrading to windows 10. However, a Samsung user received an email in which Samsung stated sincerely-

“Honestly speaking, we don’t suggest installation of Windows 10 to any Samsung laptop or PC and we are still coordinating with Microsoft regarding this matter”

“The Drivers that we have on our website are not yet compatible with the latest version of Windows. What we usually recommend is to keep the current Windows version and we’ll update you once the Windows 10 have no more issues on any Samsung laptops and computers or even monitors.”

As we all know, Samsung is one of the greatest electronics company, and they have the sources to examine and produce new drivers. But, the company prefers to overlook the complaints and this carelessness from Samsung are completely unacceptable and Samsung may lose many relevant customers.


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