Windows 11 users may know about Microsoft’s Phone Link App. Phone Link is an official Microsoft app available for Android and iOS. The Phone Link app lets you connect your Android to your Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft’s Phone Link app is feature-rich but has a few bugs. Sometimes the Phone Link app fails to connect with Android. Even when the connection goes well, users face problems accessing messages & photos.

To compete with Microsoft’s Phone Link app, Intel has launched a new app called Intel Unison. This article will discuss intel unison app and how to use it on Windows 11. Let’s get started.

What is Intel Unison?

Intel Unison is a competitor of Microsoft’s Phone Link App. Like the Phone Link, Intel Unison lets you connect your Android or iPhone to your PC.

The great thing about Intel Unison is that it offers many features. For example, you can transfer files, make calls, read/send messages, read Android/iOS notifications, and more.

Intel Unison is an excellent choice for those who want to bring their phone’s content to their PC screen. The user interface of Intel Unison is somewhat similar to Microsoft’s Phone Link, but it has more features.

Requirements for using Intel Unison on PC

Intel Unison has some requirements, unlike the Phone Link app that runs on all Windows 11 devices regardless of the processor. Below are the requirements to use Intel Unison with Android/iOS and Windows 11.

  • Your PC should be running on Windows 11 22H2 Build.
  • For better usability, Intel’s 13th gen processor is recommended.
  • Your Android smartphone should be running on Android 9 or above.
  • Your iPhone should be running on iOS 15 or above.

Note: While Intel recommends Evo-powered laptops running on Intel 13th Gen processors, it will also work on Intel’s 8,9,10,11th Gen non-Evo processors. In our testing, we found Intel Unison working even on AMD processors.

Intel Unison Download – Install on PC

Now that you know what Intel Unison is, you may want to use it on your Windows 11. Below, we have shared some simple steps to download and install Intel Unison on Windows 11.

1. Open this Microsoft Store Page for Intel Unison and click the Get in Store app button.

2. Now, the Microsoft Store app listing will open; click the ‘Get‘ button to download the tool on your computer.


3. Once installed, launch the Intel Unison on your desktop. You will see a screen like the one below asking you to pair your phone and PC.

pair your phone and PC


4. Now install the Intel Unison app on your Android/iOS. Once installed, launch the app and grant all permissions.

Intel Unison app

5. When you reach the screen where it asks you to scan the QR code, tap on the ‘Scan QR Code‘ button and scan the QR code displayed on the Intel Unison desktop app.

Scan QR Code


6. Once done, the desktop app will ask you to verify your device. You need to ensure that the code displayed on the desktop app matches the one displayed on your mobile. Once done, tap on the Confirm button.


7. Now, wait until Intel Unison pairs your phone and PC. Once done, you will see a screen like the one below.

Intel Unison pairs your phone and PC

8. You can now access all features. For example, selecting the ‘File Transfer‘ option will allow you to move your Android files to your PC.

File Transfer

9. Similarly, you can access Messages, Calls, Notifications, etc., from your PC. Not only that, you can even check your Gallery and your downloads.

access Messages

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to download & install Intel Unison for Windows.

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Features of Intel Unison

Intel’s take on Microsoft’s Phone Link app has many benefits. It allows you to connect your Android or iPhone to your PC and offers many other useful features.

After setting up Intel Unison, you can bring content from your phone to your computer. Here are the things you can do after connecting your phone to your PC via Intel Unison.

File Transfer

One of the most important features of Intel Unison is the file transfer. You can seamlessly transfer files after connecting your Android or iPhone to your PC via Unison. This means you can enjoy taking photos on your phone and seamlessly edit it on your PC.


Like the Phone Link app, Intel Unison also allows making and receiving phone calls directly from the PC. With Intel Unison, you can explore the full contact book of your phone and make & receive calls.

Exchange Messages

We’ve always wished for the ability to send and receive phone messages from PC. And Intel Unison seems to fulfill those wishes. Another exciting feature of Unison is to sync all of your phone’s messages to your PC.

Manage Notifications

Managing phone notification from PC has always been a mess; we’ve been forced to use different bug-filled apps that sometimes fails to sync our important notifications. Intel’s Unison plans to address that problem.

The tool lets you get notifications from your phone to your PC. You will also be able to mark notifications as read or dismiss them.

View Phone’s Gallery

The next awesome feature of Intel Unison is the ability to view your phone’s photos, videos, and saved albums directly on your PC. You can easily browse your media files as you do on your phone. Not only that, but you can also save photos & videos without touching your phone.

So, this guide is about downloading and installing Intel Unison on Windows 11 PC. Let us know in the comments below if you need more help installing or using the Intel Unison on your PC. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.


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