Yes, Google Chrome is the best web browser for desktops, but that doesn’t mean other web browsers don’t exist. Other web browsers, like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc., offer similar or even better features.

In this article, we will discuss the Opera web browser for desktops. Opera has its web browser available for all operating systems. And you even get multiple variants of its web browser.

One variant of Opera Browser is Opera GX, a web browser designed to benefit gamers. Hence, if you need to learn about Opera GX, you may find all the relevant information in this article.

What is Opera GX Browser?

What is Opera GX Browser?

Opera GX is not a very popular web browser, but it’s certainly the best one for gamers. The web browser aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming and browsing experience on desktop and mobile.

While using the Opera GX browser, you can set limits on your CPU, RAM and Network Usage. In this way, you can enhance the performance of your games while using a web browser.

Usually, web browsers like Google Chrome consume lots of system resources, which hampers game performance. This will only happen if you use the Opera GX web browser.

Apart from improving the Gaming performance, Opera GX even provides access to popular gaming platforms such as Discord and Twitch directly from its sidebar. We have discussed the best features of Opera GX below.

Is Opera GX safe?

This is the most common question users ask before installing any web browser. If we have to answer this question in simple steps, we would say Opera GX is as safe as any other Chromium web browser.

Opera GX is based on Chromium, the same thing powering Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. So, the Opera GX browser is 100% safe to download and use. Even the mobile version of Opera GX is free from viruses/malware and is safe to use.

Features of Opera GX

Now that you know Opera GX is a web browser for gamers, you might be interested in checking out all its features. Below, we have discussed some of the best features of Opera GX.

1. Custom Themes

Opera GX Custom Themes is one of the key features of the web browser. The web browser allows you to customize your color scheme to match your gaming setup.

You can either select from the pre-built themes or set your own desktop wallpaper as a gaming background.

2. Light and Dark Mode

The latest Opera GX browser version offers seamless Light and Dark Modes integration. The Light and Dark Mode are available in Opera GX for Mobile and desktop.

So, you can browse the light or dark side of the browser and switch between them whenever needed.

3. GX Corner

GX Corner is a web browser’s start page that helps gamers get free games, the best deals, a game-release calendar, and gaming news.

You will be able to get all sorts of gaming-related content on the GX Corner. The mobile browser delivers free mobile games.

4. Twitch & Discord Integration

As mentioned above, the Opera GX web browser also brings Twitch and Discord to the sidebar. With these two integrations, you can always catch all Twitch live streams.

You can also talk with your teams, friends, and communities with Discover in your sidebar. Overall, this is a great feature that every gamer would love.

5. Music Player

Opera GX also includes a music player that can play music and podcasts from all music streaming platforms.

You can connect all your music services in one place and switch between them easily.

6. Messengers

You won’t believe it, but Opera GX also brings many messengers to your sidebar. You can chat and browse simultaneously with Messenger, Telegram, VK, TikTok, and WhatsApp.

All messaging apps were integrated right into the sidebar, allowing you to access them without closing your current browsing session.

So, these are some of the best features of Opera GX browser. It has more features like Faster Navigation, Flow, etc. You can explore all features while using it on your computer or mobile.

Opera GX Download for Desktop & Mobile

Opera GX Download for Desktop & Mobile

Now that you know all features of Opera GX, you can download it on your computer or mobile. The web browser is available as a free download for both desktop and mobile users.

You can easily download and install the Opera GX browser from its official website. However, download it from the shared links if you want to sideload it on another computer.

How to Install Opera GX on PC?

It’s pretty easy to install Opera GX on a computer. For that, you need to download the Opera GX file from the link we have shared.

After downloading the executable file, you must run it on your system and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. After installing Opera GX, you can enjoy the gaming browser on your PC.

Does Opera GX support Extensions?

Does Opera GX support Extensions?

Yes, Opera GX supports every extension available for the original Opera web browser. You can search for extensions in Opera’s add-ons store and install the one you need.

Opera GX also has a dedicated section for an installed extension. You can explore the extensions page to find and remove the Opera GX add-ons that you no longer need.

What are the Best Opera GX extensions?

Well, there’s no best; the functionality of the extensions is very different. You may find the best Opera GX extensions that suit your need.

However, since Opera GX is a gaming web browser for PC, you would like to install Opera GX extensions for gaming. You need to open Opera’s add-ons store and search for the gaming extensions.

It’s easy to install extensions on the Opera GX browser. You can also download gaming wallpapers for the Opera GX browser from the addon store.

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So, this guide is about downloading Opera GX for PC and installing extensions. We have tried to answer all your questions about the Opera GX gaming web browser. The web browser is free, and every gamer should use it. If you need more help with Opera GX, let us know in the comments below.


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