Even though Windows 11 is still new and tested, users have started speculating Windows 12. There’s a rumor spreading on the web that Microsoft is already working on the successor of Windows 11- Windows 12.

We don’t have any official statement from Microsoft to confirm the rumor, nor do we have any screenshot, news, or any source that confirms that Microsoft is working on Windows 12.

Windows 12 Wallpapers Free Download

Recently, folks at Betanews asked for an AI text-to-image tool to give an outlook of what the upcoming Windows 12 might look like. Betanews used Midjourney, a popular AI-based text-to-image generator, to produce screen-shaped Windows 12 wallpapers.

The wallpapers generated by the AI-based text-to-image generator look surprisingly authentic and have the combination of the Windows 10 logo with cool backgrounds and gradients.

The images generated by the AI-based text-to-image generator took inspiration from both Windows 10 and Windows 11, and it has combined the visual elements to create something that looks authentic and stunning simultaneously.

Midjourney, the AI-based text-to-image generator, manage to generate 10 different wallpapers with a touch of both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Below, we have shared the preview of the wallpapers.

Download Windows 12 Wallpapers in 4k Resolution

To download the Windows 12 wallpapers in full 4K resolution, click on the links underneath the wallpaper preview. This will open the full-sized image in a new tab, right-click on the image and use the ‘Save as’ function to download the wallpapers on your computer.

download Windows 12 wallpapers 4k

So, these are some of the Windows 12 wallpapers you can download now. These are not official Windows 12 wallpapers; still, they are generated by very popular AI-powered text-to-image generators. So, make sure to download Windows 12 wallpapers.

We will update the article whenever we get our hands on the official Windows 12 wallpapers. So, make sure to bookmark this webpage and check it back when the leaks related to official Windows 12 wallpapers start to spread on the web.


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