DuckDuckGo has launched its “Email Protection” service, which provides you with more privacy and many other benefits, too, with a unique email address.

This email protection doesn’t mean providing you with a completely new email platform. And it is different than that, and it aims to give benefits such as tracking free email experience.

DuckDuck Is Also Offering Free Email Addresses

DuckDuck Is Also Offering Free Email Addresses

After being in the beta testing phase for a year, it is now available for everyone, and you can get the email address for free by signing up.

But it will require you to use DuckDuckGo mobile app, a browser extension on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Brave, and you can also use a Mac browser.

Let me tell you how exactly it works. You can understand it as email forwarding because it is just a shield for coming emails into your actual account that might be using kind as trackers, harmful links, and spam.

Now, shield means protection from trackers that can track your IP address for location information, interest base, and browser fingerprinting.

And also, other malware or any harmful activities, such as to keep you safe from harmful links and for that, DuckDuckGo’s service will try their reach via HTTPS rather than HTTP only.

And after checking & removing trackers and harmful URLs, it will send the email to your primary service’s inbox, such as Gmail or Outlook.

With a personal Duck address, it also gives Unique Private Duck Addresses which will work the same, but it will show you nameless to the websites where you’ll fill out these email addresses.

DuckDuckGo will automatically detect email fields and give you the option to generate them.

One more feature of this service is you can reply from your duck address to whom you don’t want to reveal your personal details, but the company said it couldn’t guarantee as sometimes it can forward addresses.


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