We all know very well that the social network giant Facebook has managed to fill its offer to give much more than stories and publications of friends. As the social media giant Facebook is starting the roll-out of a new feature that will simply allow you to easily find and apply for a job without ever leaving the social media giant Facebook (Platform).

Now You Can Easily Find And Apply For A Job On Facebook

The social network giant Facebook has managed to fill its offer to give much more than stories and publications of friends. It already has several services included and covering a wide spectrum of areas.

To bring even more people to this network and to keep them there, now has increased the offer with job offers. From now on it is possible to search for employment within Facebook.

Facebook Jobs is the latest proposal of the largest social network on the Internet. In testing in the US and Canada for some time now, this new service has now been extended to over 40 countries.

Your gateway is the Jobs tab on Facebook, where all bids are present, associated with the user’s location. The social network giant Facebook is able to enter the LinkedIn field here, but with a substantial difference. The tech giant Microsoft’s service is focused on more qualified job offers and the social network giant Facebook is open to any kind of proposals and curriculum vitae.

Once you have defined a city and a radius of search, the offers are presented to job seekers. There are applicable filters, always associated with the proposals present.

Of course, following the principles of Facebook, the entire application process can be done within the network, from filling in the data to scheduling an interview for evaluation.

For job seekers on Facebook Jobs

Facebook sought to make the process simple, from the time of the survey to the application itself. The present data is fed by what the social network giant Facebook’s user has in his/her account and can still be corrected or changed.

Once the application is made, a Messenger conversation will open with the company to confirm that the data has been received and that there is interest in the open job.

Potential future employers only have access to the data that the user submitted and to what is public in the candidate’s Facebook profile. Everything else is kept private.

For companies that want to post offers on Facebook Jobs

If for the candidates the process is facilitated, so it is with the companies that will look for in Facebook their future employees. In addition to having a simple process of creating job proposals, with the definition of several parameters, these will have a great visibility as they appear in various areas of the network.

There will also be tools for managing job offers, communicating with candidates, and even scheduling interviews with proposers.

This is another Facebook offer that will appeal to many. After several proposals in areas as different as shopping or news, it is now time to get another area, that is about job offers. Knowing the adhesion of all services, this should be another case of success.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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