The ex-NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden will address questions about how the US Election results will affect your privacy

Trump Alert: Edward Snowden Will Discuss About “Donald Trump and Privacy”

We all know that Donald Trump has become the 45th President of US and many people have been talking about how Donald trump would affect different things and privacy is one of those things.

Security agencies based in the United States are always known for their surveillance hobbies. Edward Snowden who is an American computer professional, the former Central Intelligence Agency employee and former contractor for the United States government will host a live stream event on StartPage.

Edward Snowden is the right person to talk about privacy considered his past experience and he will address questions about how the latest US election results will affect consumer privacy.

Edward Snowden had helped the world to become the lot more serious about their privacy on the internet and he will talk today about Donald Trump and privacy issues. You can catch the live event on StartPage, which is a Dutch search engine on November 10 (4:30pm Eastern Time)

For Indian users who want to watch the live event at StartPage, Snowden Live will start on November 11th around 03:00 Indian Standard time. So, don’t forget to watch the live stream on StartPage.