It seems that there is a latent war between Tesla and Apple is going on. As there are several employees of Elon Musk’s company who have moved to Tim Cook’s company, of course, the tech giant Apple. Yes, according to the latest reports, recently, Elon Musk stated that the tech giant Apple has poached about 46 employees from Tesla.

Elon Musk – Apple Has Poached 46 Employees From Tesla

There is a latent war between Tesla and Apple is going on. As there are several employees of Elon Musk’s company who have moved to Tim Cook’s company. It is also true that from time to time Tesla has “stolen” some good brains from the tech giant Apple, as was the case with Chris Lattner and Doug Field.

At the origin of this dispute between these two major companies worldwide is simply due to the Project Titan.

Tesla changed the world, hence, it was bold enough to rebel against the established power of oil, confronted large economic groups and implanted in the minds of humans that electric vehicles are the future. Musk is, without any doubt, a visionary.

For these companies to progress, it is important to have collaborators in their teams who are the brains in creating and managing these products. That’s why the tech giant Apple did not sit idly by and pick up their former vice president of engineering department Mac, Doug Field.

Following a report earlier this month, which reported on Field’s return to the Cupertino company after a brief period at Tesla, CNBC unveiled the current scenario of a “latent war” between the tech giant Apple and Tesla.

46 Tesla employees jumped to Apple

The report highlights that by now, in 2019, about 46 Tesla employees have jumped simply to join the tech giant Apple.

Although not everyone has the same profile as Doug Field, Tesla’s employees who went to Apple vary from engineers and supply chain managers to trainees and even dismissals from Tesla.

CNBC reports that based on LinkedIn data only, the tech giant Apple hired 46 people who “worked directly at Tesla” before making the leap.

But that may be more because some former Tesla employees who joined Apple this year have not yet updated their public profiles on the social network with new career information. This includes the most notable hiring of Apple is Doug Field, the former vice president of engineering at Tesla.

Apple recruits to various areas of the company

It is important to note that not all Apple hires are from Tesla that is being directly channeled into the standalone vehicle project, Project Titan. Many of the contractors are working on “displays, optics and battery technology” for other Apple devices.

“In 2019, so far, LinkedIn data shows that the tech giant Apple hired at least 46 people who worked at Tesla directly before joining the consumer electronics industry. Eight of these were engineering trainees.

This year, the tech giant Apple also hired former engineers from Tesla Autopilot, QA, Powertrain, mechanical design, and firmware, as well as various global supply chain managers. Some employees joined Tesla directly, while others were dismissed before joining Apple.”

Citing current and former Tesla employees, CNBC says many of the company’s engineers experienced a sharp decline in morale after learning that Doug Field was leaving Tesla to return to Apple.

Although some also added before Doug Field’s departure, “they saw more colleagues voluntarily come out than in previous years at Tesla.”

We have 100 times less money than Apple!!!

Tesla contests this thought and argues that it is not for reasons of incentive, technological ambition or some kind of wear and tear on morals. The company note that when it has “100 times less money than Apple,” it can be difficult to compete in terms of pay packages:-

“We wish them the best. Tesla is a difficult road. We have 100 times less money than Apple, so of course, they can pay more. We are in extremely difficult battles against entrenched car companies that make 100 times more cars than we did last year, so of course, this is a very difficult job. We do not even have money for advertising, promotions or discounts, so we should only survive with the quality of our products. However, we believe in our mission and that it is worth the sacrifice of time and the endless barrier of the negativity of those who wish us evil. That’s it. The world needs to move towards sustainable energy and it must do so now.”

Some Tesla veterans are leaving with a heavy heart. A former engineer who left Tesla for Apple recently said that working at Tesla was the greatest professional experience of his life. He has characterized Tesla as the best company on the planet, working hard to solve problems that affect us all and future generations.

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