Elon Musk, the space explorer, and car-builder, recently attended pentagon to meet with the Secretary of Defense’s Ash carter in reply to which he considered the meeting is all about creating a flying metal suit.

Is Elon Musk really Building an Iron Man suit?

Elon Musk, who is the founder of PayPal and current CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors bestows many similarities between Tony Stark. They have lot’s of money and enormous influence. Elon Musk is considered the Iron Man’s real life for being a visionary billionaire.

It’s okay to say that Elon Musk only pictures the normal side of Tony Stark, he is the intellectual billionaire and philanthropist. However, it seems that now he also wants to incorporate the next hero of the Marvel character.

Elon Musk recently visited the Pentagon to discuss something secret, we conclusively know the reason of such mysterious visit. Elon Musk tweeted on his Twitter and shared the CNN report and answered “Something related to a flying metal suit,”

If you believed that Iron Man series is just a superhero fiction movie, then you need to re-think about it because we are watching Elon Musk who is establishing his leadership just like fictional Tony Stark to make good use of his abilities and working on something incredible.

Peter Cool the Defense Department spokesman said, “The agencies has been reaching out to a number of members of the technology community to get their ideas, their feedback, find out what’s going on in the world of innovation.”

So is Elon Musk actually intended in turning into Iron Man? Well, of course, this story is not so simple. Even the funny thing is Elon Musk also seems to be kidding whenever he was compared with Tony Stark. It would be no surprise if Elon Musk really builds an Iron Man suit, as we saw him building re-landed rockets and building some most exceptional cars on the roads.


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