Many people consider Elon Musk as a genius within his industry. So, today we will present a list which will show you the favorite video games of Elon Musk.

These Are Elon Musk’s Favorite Video Games

Elon Musk is considered by many technology lovers as a genius within his industry. Elon Musk is a person who is characterized by an innovative spirit in all projects carried out in its various businesses.

The owner of companies like Tesla or SpaceX, aims to make the world a better place. That is why all projects are focused on promoting the use of sustainable energy and look for places in the universe, such as Mars, where humans can live within a few years.

Elon Musk is also considered by many as an eccentric person, with ideas that sometimes seem lunacy, its intention to build a tunnel under the city of Los Angeles, a plan that still we do not know whether to take it seriously.

But apart from working on the most innovative projects, Musk also uses part of his time to do the same activities that we do the rest of the mortals. One of those tasks which occupies much of their free time playing video games and Musk also does the same.

The CEO of Tesla has been shown on several occasions as a lover of video games. Now, thanks to a list published by Bussines Insider, where all the games are listed which are favorite of Musk.

#1 Overwatch

First, we find this first person shooter with MOBA dyes, such as League of Legends. This game is considered one of the best in 2016 and has won several awards within the sector. The number of players around the world who connect daily to their servers to play online games are in the millions, so it’s no wonder that Musk enjoys the PC version of this addictive shooter game.

#2 The Mass Effect Saga

If we think carefully, it is only logical that Musk should feel devotion for this saga of video games based on space travel. We are before a game space with touches of shooter role in the first person. In it, we will have to manage our group of heroes in their travels around the galaxy. We will have to make important decisions and hit some shots to save the universe. Mass Effect is one of the most consolidated sagas of the sector and each new delivery manages to engage more players.

#3 Bioshock

Again we are before a shooter game, this time in the first person. This video game is considered by many to be one of the best shooters in history. In Bioshock, we find a peculiar world with a brilliant design and a story with raw originality. A great game considered a cult title by many players.

#4 The Fallout saga

At this point, you will have already verified that Musk has an exquisite taste. The Fallout saga is considered one of the best of all time. We are again faced with a role-playing game in which we will also have to shoot, making use of countless weapons that we can create and modify. This series of games is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which we embody one of the survivors of a nuclear conflict in a world fraught with difficulties and plagued with decisions that will change the course of history.

#5 The Saga Civilization

One of the most famous sagas of strategy games in history. In these games, we will have to build and maintain a civilization throughout the years. We will have to manage the available resources and the content to our population. It is logical the taste of Musk by this saga is managing a primitive civilization to finish taking it, even, to space.

#6 Saint’s Row IV

This title is part of one of the craziest sagas in the world of video games. They have an open world at our disposal for all kinds of crazy, with improbable weapons and with one goal, pure and simple fun. An ideal game to disconnect after a hard day’s work.

#7 Kerbal Space Program

This is the most peculiar title in this list, but if you think about it, it’s very logical that you like Musk. In this game, players will have the mission to build a spaceship with which they reach outer space. For this, we will also have to learn how to take off and land the ship before embarking on the journey.

#8 Warcraft

The last game on the list shows the time Elon Musk is having fun with video games. Warcraft is a classic strategy title with graphics that many would mourn today and gameplay that made him a success of his time. This success earned him the saga to succeed later with World of Warcraft, one of the most successful massive online games in history.

So, what do you think about this list, simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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