Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard
Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard

Now you can Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard using the inbuilt settings of your ios device that will make on hand typing very easy. So have a look at the complete guide below.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne handed use is the basic necessity of the portable smartphone devices and the users could require it anytime. While the manufacturers make the device with a lot of care for the single hand operations but more of the times even the compact smartphones are not valuable for typing through the single hand. In this situation, the slight amendments to the software or the keyboard could help the users to type even faster and easier in the single-handed mode. By default, the stock keyboard of the iOS 11 is not made for the single-handed usage and the users won’t be able to type in the single-handed mode as fluently and faster. Fortunately, the smartphones running the iOS platforms are always easy to be customized for some particular operations and the functions. Now for the single-handed usage also the iOS 11 stock keyboard could be modified in such a way that the users could type over it even with the single hand usage. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the users could be able to make those changes to the iOS keyboard by which the single-handed typing could be done or made easier. If anyone of you is interested to know about the same method and is on this page to know about it then they could grab the knowledge regarding the same through reading the whole information provided below. Just start to read the main part of this article from now onwards!

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How to Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard

The method is simple and straight and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide to the proceeding.

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Steps to Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard:

#1 On Android, the stock keyboard installation makes it much easier to get any sort of functionality that is required by the user. Going with the same option the iOS in its 8th version was also enabled for the usage of the third party keyboard apps and hence the users were able to make the options for the typing. Now in the iOS 11, the Apple has included the number of functions right inside the app and the users could easily make up the deal for not installing any other apps.

#2 Now it is mandatory for the users to be running on the iOS 11 so as to enable the one-handed usage on the Stock keyboard of the iPhone. The process is extremely simple for the users having this version of iOS, they just require to long press on the Globe icon present on the stock keyboard.

Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard
Enable One Handed Typing on Your iOS 11 Stock Keyboard

#3 This would reveal a number of options from there the user would be able to see the orientation options letting the availability to make the keyboard go to the left of the screen, the right of the screen or flow over the screen etc. It’s up to the users now to select the option that is most suitable for the one-handed usage or typing. For the best option, the left-handed orientation of the keyboard is greatly convenient for the single-handed typing.

#4 As stated above the users could even opt to go for the third party keyboards like Swiftkey so as to get more options for the single-handed usage and experience. Although the stock keyboard for the iOS is really smooth and the number of options is also increasing with day by day release of new upgrades. However, apart from that, the users have the two different options for the same and they could choose the one that is better for their experience!

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This was all about the article and after reading this full article you would have got to know about the method to enable the single-handed usage of the Stock iOS 11 keyboard and hence making of the typing more relaxable and easier with the one hand. We have tried to provide you with the whole information for the topic in really easy to grab words and we wish that all of you reading this post might have got the method. At last, we hope that you people might have liked the information in this post, if it is so then please share this with others too. Also, do comment on this post or the information through the comments sections below, we value your suggestions or the opinions about this post!


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