Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu
Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu

Now its time to secure your data from the data breach as here is the guide to Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu with which all data will be in encrypted form, and no other user will access it without your permission.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ard Disk is the storage option for the computer devices and the laptop devices and the whole of the user data as well as the operating system data are stored on it only. For the business users or other users keeping their data secure could be a really main motive as any loss of their important information or data could cause serious loss to them. Users on the Linux platform could create up the most intense security preferences so as to secure their data on the system and the users could feel to be safe to some extent. The hackers of the information have more complex ideas and if they would not be able to access the data through the operating system on your computer then they could preferably take the hard disk access and do amendments to it so as to easily get access to the whole data stored on it. This could be the major insecurity with the business computers that would not be carried along all throughout, so what else could be done to secure up the data of computer devices if the hackers could easily access it by taking over to the HDD. For the ultimate security of the data either on the software platform or the hard disk, the Hard Disk encryption works the best, by applying it no one could access the data even from the HDD. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the hard disk could be encrypted in the Ubuntu running device, just go and read the article to know about it!

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How to Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu

The encrypted disk cannot be used to recover up to the lost data, and the mounting of Linux File Systems on other Linux Operating Systems would become involved.

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Steps to Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu:

1. The Ubuntu could be used to encrypt the hard drive at it’s best only while the installation of the Ubuntu so taking it into considering you have to create the backup of the whole of your Ubuntu and then start to reinstall it using the installation media.

If you are not having the installation media for the Ubuntu then you could easily create that by downloading the ISO file for the latest Ubuntu version directly using its official website and then burn it to the disc or copy that to the USB flash drive. For the flashing ISO image file to the USB Flash drive, you could use the Etcher tool!

2. Load the Installation disk and start up the Ubuntu installation process on your device. Some sort of windows would appear on the screen with the title Installation Type, select the option “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” and also check box the option “Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security“. After all the selections made click on the Install Now button to begin the installation process.

Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu
Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu

3. If you are running dual OS on your device then note that you would have to select “Install alongside..” option and then select those encryption options too. After that select the installation process by clicking on the Install Now button.

4. Now after the 3rd or the 2nd step you would see that the Ubuntu would load the configuration page where it allows the user to set the encryption key for the installation. You would have to then set up your own custom security key and also check for it to be strong enough through the security barometer that would prompt itself. Also, confirm that same security password and then go ahead. Check the box saying “Overwrite empty disk space” if you wish to perform that action. Select the Install Now button and then follow up the typical Ubuntu installation.

Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu
Encrypt Your Hard Disk in Ubuntu

5. After the overall Ubuntu installation process, you could then backup all your data from your previous Ubuntu and then start to use it as normal. The hard disk would be encrypted automatically and the key for it is the one you have created in the 4th step. Note that you should never dare to forget your security key for the hard disk as it could cause you the loss of access to your whole access to the hard drive permanently!

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So this was the method through which you could be able to encrypt your hard disk in the Ubuntu running computer device. Just remember one thing that once the password for the Encrypted hard drive is lost then it becomes immensely difficult or either impossible to gain access to the data inside it so never ever lost your HDD password. Hope you would have liked the method in this article and applied it without any issues!


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