Android users are pretty familiar with malware attacks and warnings related to new Trojans. Trojans are usually either specially-crafted programs designed to look like desirable software that has been repacked to include harmful components.

The latest update coming from BleepingComputers suggests that a new virus with the name ‘Escobar’ is doing the rounds. This one is not a new malware, and it just comes with a new name and capabilities.

The ‘Escobar’ malware has targeted customers from 190 financial institutions across 18 countries. Specific details related to the country and institutions have not been revealed.

How to Protect Your Phone From McAfee Escobar

How to Protect Your Phone From McAfee Escobar

Bug Slayer Malware Hunter has spotted the malicious app in Fake McAfee app files. The android package was named “com.escobar.pablo.” Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who was killed in 1993.

Escobar Malware can even break into your bank accounts and other services like email and social media accounts. Hence, it is advised to stay alert and not download any app from any third-party source. Here’s how you can protect yourself from Escobar malware.

  1. Users must enable the Google Play Protect option on their smartphone, which prompts if a user is in the process of installing malware on their device.

2. Users must always check the available permissions that a particular app asks for. That will let them spot apps or files that install malware on devices or apps that are risky.

3. Always check the details such as name, description, and more of files/apps before installing them on the device.

4. Avoid installing apps from outside of the Play Store.

5. Get a trusted Anti-Virus and scan your device.


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