With the closure of the popular torrent portals, Extratorrent, another big and popular site who threw the towel last spring. However, after the closure of the popular torrent portal, ExtraTorrent, now the ExtraTorrent Uploader Groups has launched their own torrent website.

ExtraTorrent Uploader Groups Just Launched Their Own Torrent Site

With the closure of the popular portal of torrent links, Extratorrent, another big and popular site who threw the towel last spring. This situation left many Uploader Groups away from sharing contents on those portals. That is why several of these, including ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne, have joined forces and have launched their own official download portal.

All this has happened after having been running and serving torrents for more than a decade, ExtraTorrent decided to throw in the towel without providing any detail or apparent reason. Everything indicates that this movement was occurred largely due to pressures and threats from anti-piracy groups and the entertainment industry in general.

However, all they reported publicly was: “it’s time to say goodbye,” a brief and concise response. In spite of everything and although ExtraTorrent no longer exists, the name of the site is still alive thanks to several groups of uploaders that for some time were linked to the site.

These “boots” of torrents as ETTV and ETHD, continued their work on sites like The Pirate Bay or 1337x, among others that are still in operation. Although this is large enough to date them, the truth is that the files shared by ETTV or ETHD that are downloaded millions of times a week, scattered in many places on web aimlessly, at least for many.

ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne put into operation the new ETTV.TV

Therefore, some of these chargers, such as the popular ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne, have now decided to join forces and have launched their own torrent site called ETTV.TV, as they have already publicly informed so that their millions of users know over the years.

These groups consider that since the closure of ExtraTorrent they were left without a “home” and their fans and followers did not know where to find them, so together with DTOne, they decided to join and create a web portal that can reunite their millions of fans.

The aforementioned torrent “porters” considered ExtraTorrent as their home, so this should not be taken as a reincarnation of the missing site, since ETTV.TV is operated by different administrators.

At the moment, the new portal is only nourished by certain contents and under a semi-closed ecosystem, which means that only a selected group of trusted “loaders” can add new torrents, although they are expected to expand their range of action in the future.

This is because they want to have a website for torrents of the best quality, so they will not accept any “uploader” that knocks on their door, at least for the moment.

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