Did you all know that the social media giant Facebook has just acquired a company that focused on modular platforms ? Yes, sounds little strange but it’s true, Facebook actually acquired a small startup that specializes in modular gadgets, developed what it claims is that it’s the world’s first modular consumer electronics platform.

Facebook Just Bought A Modular Gadget Company

Facebook has just acquired a company focused on modular platforms. Yes, sounds little strange but it’s true, the Nascent Objects arrives in good time, an enterprise that is to integrate Building 8, the internal Facebook group that works with hardware connectivity and is headed by the ex-Googler Regina Dugan, hence, the Building 8’s mission is to develop hardware that advances the social media giant’s mission of connecting the world.

The company was created to help in building rapid development platforms, which will be easy and affordable, combining aspects such as circuit boards, hardware design, 3D printing and modular electronics. The great theme of Nascent Objects is to produce electronics from design to finish in a few weeks and with much lower cost than the competition.

Imagine designing, building and delivering a hardware product in just weeks. Instead of months, or even years. Nascent Objects, a 2016 FastCo Design ‘Innovation by Design’ finalist, has brought this closer to reality with their modular electronics platform. And they’re joining Facebook to work with us in Building 8. Together, we hope to create hardware at a speed that’s more like software. Welcome, Nascent Objects! Get a first glimpse here:

Posted by Regina Dugan on Monday, September 19, 2016

Here is what the CEO Baback Elmieh announced the move on the company’s homepage, “Nascent Objects was founded on the principle that product development shouldn’t be so hard. That’s why we created the world’s first modular consumer electronics platform–to make product development fast, easy and accessible. By combining hardware design, circuitry, 3-D printing and modular electronics, our technology allows developers to go from concept to product in just weeks, much faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

That’s also why we’ve decided to continue our mission at Facebook and Building 8. We’re excited to build products that can open the world to everyone and create on a scale we couldn’t have imagined before.

People have become used to the idea that with software, you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it. We want to make this happen with hardware–and we think Facebook is the best place to make this a reality”.

However, what all this actually means specifically for the social media giant Facebook still remains a mystery, as it may also possible that Facebook bought this modular gadget company Nascent Objects simply to develop a modular phone, something which the tech giant Google currently fail to develop. But, we can’t say or guess anything confirms, as the possibilities are endless.