The Minister of Public Security of Israel, Gilad Eran, blamed social networks like Facebook for increased violence in the region, considering that Facebook has turned into a “monster”. According to the reports, Israel has accused Facebook of not doing enough to curb online content that incites violence against the state

Facebook is a “Monster” that encourage Violence: Israeli Government

Israel had recently witnessed many street attacks that are actually carried out by Palestinians. According to the sources, 34 Israelis and two Americans have been killed in Palestinian street attacks since October. Whereas the forces of Israeli have killed approximately 201 Palestinians. The sources also mentioned that Israel said among the killed 201 Palestinians 137 were attackers

A 19-year-old Palestinian who killed an Israeli girl seems to be praised on facebook earlier the attack and also represented his passion for dying as a martyr. This type of reason forced Israeli government to say that Facebook is encouraging such violence, and has also called Facebook to proactively promote violent or hateful content.

Gilad Eran also said that facebook is destroying police efforts to control the violence by not cooperating investigations related to West Bank. Gilad Eran said “Facebook today, which brought an amazing, positive revolution to the world, sadly, we see this as the rise of Daesh and the wave of terror, it has simply become a monster,”

In return Facebook rejected the charges by saying “We work regularly with safety organizations and policy makers around the world, including Israel, to ensure that people know how to make safe use of Facebook”

Facebook also said, “There is no room for content that promotes violence, direct threats, terrorist or hate speeches on our platform.”

According to the reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to create a law that would bound social media sites to remove content that the state considers to be threatening.

Ayelet Shaked, Israeli Justice Minister Said “We want the companies not to approve and to themselves remove posts by terrorist groups and incitement to terrorism without us having to flag each individual post, in just the same manner, for example, that they today do not allow posts and pages with child pornography”

According to the reports, Facebook and other Internet companies have establishing computerization to eliminate Islamic State videos and other extremist content from their sites.