Facebook is removing the messaging service from the web app and is forcing its users to move to Messenger app. The reason behind this is that Facebook wants to provide the best messaging experience to its user via the messenger app.

Facebook Forcing Android Users to Download its Messenger App

If you are not using messenger app of facebook on your smartphone or you are in no hurry to download messenger app. Then you need to read this news. Facebook has recently announced that they are going to eliminate the messaging option from their web app.

The reason behind the statement is clear that Facebook wants its users to use Facebook Messenger instead of their web app, which is soon going to close. According to facebook, they want users to provide the best messaging experience with Messenger app.

Your Conservations are Moving to Messenger
Your Conservations are Moving to Messenger

Currently, users who are using a web version of Facebook messaging are getting the delicate and pointed warning that states “Your Conservations are Moving to Messenger” and is eventually redirecting users to Google Play store to download Messenger app. However, you can overlook the warning but soon you need to install it.

For those who haven’t used Messenger app yet, I am sure many of you will enjoy using it. It has neat interference and it takes conservation to a different level. You will get notification directly on your smartphone, it was fast and fun to use.

Facebook Messenger app also allows users to chat freely, and  use stickers. You can make the voice call as well as video calls too with the help of Facebook’s messenger app. So moving to a messenger app would be a right choice.

Hence, if we look at the future of Messenger then it appears to have a very bright future because it has some features that are proving more than user-friendly to its users. So, Facebook has taken a huge move to drive users to download their Messenger app and messenger is also one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store.


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