InShort Viral: Facebook friend or your friends on other social networking sites are almost fake. They don’t care about you or express their sympathies in case of some problems or hard times.

Facebook friends are almost entirely fake Reveals New Study

Your maximum Facebook friends neither care about you and likely won’t even sympathize with your problems, according to new study.

The Majority of Facebook users are having hundreds of friends. The study also revealed that people can depend on four of them.

Professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University, Robin Dunbar started a study to observe the connection between whether users have many Facebook friends and real friends.

He observed that there was extremely little association between having friends on Social Networks and even being able to be dependent on them or talking with them

He found that there was very little correlation between having friends on social networks and actually being able to depend on them, or even talking to them regularly.

The average Facebook user studied had nearly 150 Facebook friends, but only 14 among them would convey support or sympathy in the hard times.The average person said that only about 27 per cent of their Facebook friends were genuine.

According to the research, these number’s are probably similar to “How friendships work in real life”. Although the number of assumed friends on Facebook friend list indicates that people can be deceived on thinking that they might be their real and close friends.

There is a intellectual limitation on the size of social networking sites that the communication advantages of media are not able to control, said Professor Dunbar. In practicable time, it might reflect the fact that real (as opposed to casual) relationships need at least occasional face to face interaction to maintain them

According to the research, Facebook friends are organised in different patterns or layers. Nearly, five people will be in the first and closest one and after that 15, 50 and 150 different friends will be in each of the groups when they further move.

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