It’s almost a year when Facebook made a grand attempt to connect Indians to the internet. However, it was shot down by the government for allegedly violating net neutrality with Free Basics. However, now according to the latest reports, the social network giant Facebook just launched an application for high-speed WiFi connectivity.

Facebook Just Launched An App For High-Speed WiFi Connectivity

Express Wi-Fi is the new mobile application of the social network giant Facebook, that it has launched silently, without announcement in the middle, for Android devices, which will allow users in developing countries the possibility of accessing the broadband Internet at affordable prices.

For this, these users will have to buy data packages from local business partners and access through nearby WiFi points belonging to the same network. It is an alternative to the use of mobile data networks, which in those places are networked with low speed and high prices.

For now, as TechCrunch has learned, its distributed Wi-Fi network is available in five developing countries.

With this, the social network giant Facebook facilitates access to broadband Internet at an affordable price to users in those areas, which have precarious mobile connections, and incidentally, will try to gain user share, since in developed countries is already seeing a decrease important users, not only within the United States, but also in other countries.

Unlike Free Basics, the social network giant Facebook’s initiative to offer restricted Internet access to a series of services in developing countries, users who access the Internet through this new Wi-Fi network will not see any type of access restrictions, being able to access to any website they wish.

According to a spokesperson of the social network giant Facebook, “Facebook will launch the Express Wi-Fi application in the Google Play store to offer people another simple and secure way to access the Internet quickly and affordably through their local access points Express Wi-Fi.”

This application will facilitate not only finding an access point to the distributed WiFi network, which is being developed in collaboration with local telecommunications operators but will also help in the configuration of the mobile phones themselves and will be able to send reports to the social network giant Facebook about connectivity problems that may arise.

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