Facebook is giving this Kerala Youth Arun S Kumar Rs 10.70 Lakhs and he is also awarded a place in the Facebook’s Hall of Fame for white hackers.

Facebook Paid ₹10,70,000 To This Kerala Guy. Here’s Why

Facebook is one of the most used social networking websites which simply allows anyone to connect with their friends, relatives etc all around the globe. Facebook actually looks pretty safe. However, there are a number of ways through which hackers can hack Facebook features.

There are still some bugs in Facebook which seasoned hackers look to exploit. For this reason, Facebook rewards users with some good amount of money who helps facebook in finding those bugs and helps to fix them. Facebook launched their bug bounty program in the year 2011 and also rewarding users who notify flaws on facebook.

According to the reports from Times of India, Arun S Kumar, a young student from Kerala has become the latest one to win an amazing cash prize from Facebook. Arun S Kumar is a computer engineering student from MES Institute of Technology, Kollam and he had managed to expose a severe vulnerability in Facebook Business Manager.

Hackers could take full control of any Facebook page in less than 10 seconds. Arun S Kumar detected the bug on Facebook Business Manager on August 29 and reported to Facebook Security team. On which security team replied by saying that Arun S Kumar had helped them prevent a massive security breach.

Arun S Kumar told Times of India “Since the hacker would be able to manipulate the page of any Facebook user, the damage it would bring is beyond imagination,”

Facebook Paid ₹10,70,000 Lakhs To This Kerala Guy
Facebook Paid ₹10,70,000 Lakhs To This Kerala Guy

Facebook Security team fixed the bug by September 6 and after three days Arun S Kumar got an email from them informing that he’ll be receiving a “bug bounty” for pointing out the bug. He received Rs 10.7 Lakhs for this. Facebook invited Arun S Kumar along with three other hackers from different countries for a meeting with Facebook’s security team in Las Vegas on August this year.

Arun S Kumar was also awarded a place in the Facebook’s Hall of Fame for white hackers and the best part is he was the first Indian to get this honor. Not only this, Arun has also spotted bugs in many other websites, which also includes good and received more than 30 lakhs payouts in the past three years.

So this is why Facebook paid Rs 10.7 Lakhs to this guy from Kerala.