Facebook Starts Pushing Ads In The Middle Of Videos
Facebook Starts Pushing Ads In The Middle Of Videos

Recently the social media giant Facebook integrated lots of new interesting features to its app. However, earlier we already reported that the social media giant Facebook will soon put ads in its videos. Hence, now it started to push ads in the middle of its videos.

Facebook Starts Pushing Ads In The Middle Of Videos

Have you noticed that when you see the news on Facebook every 5 or 6 publications, one is advertising? Have you also read that now the videos on Facebook are being played automatically, and not only that as they will also start to play sound as well.

Now, these two worlds will come together. As the social media giant’s video advertising is already being tested.

According to the Recode, the social media giant Facebook has ensured that video advertising is already being tested. This was a feature that was already expected to happen, especially with the clear investment of the social network in videos, but something that users may not face in a very positive way.

After being announced some news about the new TV app and the video playback itself with sound, automatically, now comes the news that videos longer than 20 seconds will get publicity, or you can say that Facebook will push advertisements.

Hold on, what if I say that even on the live streams Facebook will push ads?

Basically, videos can only start advertising once they’re playing 20 seconds, and then they can get a new ad every 2 minutes at least. For live video streams, when they have more than 300 people watching at the same time, they can also have 20-second advertising.

For the moment, this new feature is still in the test phase, as the advertising in the videos is only available to some North American publishers who will receive about 55% of the advertising profits.

If these tests are successful, then this functionality will be extended to all its users and creators of the social network.

So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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