It may be more challenging to gain the attention of users on the social network in the very near future. In a post on the official blog entitled “Building a Better news feed for you”, Facebook announced that they will modernize your timeline and will control how posts are displayed on your timeline.

Finally, Facebook Tells the Secret Behind its ‘News Feed’ Algorithm

As we know, whenever Facebook does a little change in its News feed, it never failed to generate an immense influence on its users and this time again, social media giant Facebook tweaked the formula.

Facebook in a post said “When we launched News Feed in 2006, it was hard to imagine the challenge we now face: far too much information for any one person to consume. In the decade since more than a billion people have joined Facebook, and today they share a flood of stories every day.”

Facebook had introduced some values which they were using for years now which actually encourage them to guide their thinking, and help them keep the central experience of News Feed intact as it develops. The first time ever the Facebook finally shared the values with us and some of them are-

Friends And Family Come First

According to Facebook the idea was to connect peoples with their friends and family and this was the most significant factor that serves to make sure you don’t miss the friends and family posts you are likely to care about, Facebook put those posts approaching the top of your News Feed. There are also two other strong expectations when they come to your News feed they are:

  • Your Facebook feeds should inform.
  • Your Facebook feeds should inform.

A Platform For All Ideas

Facebook said that “We are not in the business of picking which issues the world should read about. We are in the business of connecting people and ideas — and matching people with the stories they find most meaningful” that indicates that facebook tries to show you the posts that maximum people engage with.

Authentic Communication

Facebook shares that they fought really hard to understand what type of stories and posts are consider valid and also said that “We work to understand what kinds of stories people find misleading, sensational and spammy, to make sure people see those less”

You Control Your Experience

Users have their own control over their News Feed, Features like “Unfollow”, “Hide”, “See First” help users design their own experience.

Pages May See Less Reach

Facebook wants pages to create more interesting content that the page viewers can share with their friends and family. Because friends and family posts to be presented higher in the feed, so it may be a huge blow to the business that depends on facebook pages.

“Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages. The specific impact on your Page’s distribution and other metrics may vary depending on the composition of your audience” Facebook said.