From few past days, it was witnessed that facebook is forcing its users to download Messenger App as facebook made plans to remove the web version of conversations. Following that, Facebook now seems to be forcing its users to download the new app “Moments”

Facebook is going to Delete Secret Photo Album from your Profile

Facebook is going to delete the group of photos that many of you might have forgotten about it exists. Actually, there are a group of photos that are synced privately from your phone which will be found under Photo tabs “Synced from phone” section. However, this option is only available for those who enabled “Photo sync” option in their Smartphone.

In the year 2012, Facebook launched an optional photo Syncing feature that automatically upload your phone’s photo to Facebook’s “Synced from phone” Photo folder and the reason was Facebook wants to make it comfortable for users to share photos later.

Facebook is now closing the existing feature and telling users to use the new Moments app. If any users had photos in “synced from phone” folder will have to transfer the photos in Moments app by July 7, or else Facebook will delete them automatically. Users who don’t want to use Moments app can save their photos on their computer.

For users who don’t know what is Moments App, it was the app launched in June 2015 and the app is been around for about a year. It performs a similar auto- syncing function with some extra twists.

With Moments app you can:

  • Keep all your photos organized in one private place
  • Send multiple photos at once—no need to text or email individual photos
  • Search to find photos of yourself, your friends, places, and more
  • Save photos other people send to you on your phone’s camera roll
  • Share a slideshow of your moments to Facebook, if you want

Facebook created Moments as a separate app to address the need for private sharing, Facebook can assure it doesn’t drop users who might feel daunted by doing so through the main app


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