Local authorities have requested the suspension of the platform of free online services while deciding whether or not in violation of net neutrality.

The Free Basics, the Facebook platform hosting services offered by third-party developers formula zero rating in the less connected world, had already been suspended in India.

The project originated as Internet.org, spearheading projects for the expansion of social networks that prompted Mark Zuckerberg to speak to the UN target of universal access to the Internet by 2020; he had ended up clashing with several criticisms, especially related to the dynamics just inclusive, that could have been paid to create a closed ecosystem, preserve of a few developers and companies that could in this way to introduce their services to benefit once the digital divide is no longer an issue.

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Facebook Zero Rating as Free Basics Temporarily Banned in India

Although Facebook has tried to update the project’s guidelines to meet the demands of the allegations, Free Basics is finished in the crosshairs of the associations that are fighting for the protection of citizens of the Net, especially the counter to the principles of net neutrality. The fact that some platforms could get free users from the rest of the network would violate the principle prohibiting the possibility of recognizing certain content preferential treatment.

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For this time, the Indian Authorities for Telecommunication Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked the operator partners Facebook Reliance Communications to stop, at least temporarily term, the service Free Basics. Facebook is with Reliance Communications, has already answered affirmatively, and will wait for a final decision on the issue of TRAI:

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We are engaged with Reliance Communications and the relevant authorities to help connect the people of India.

Of course, in any case, the company Zuckerberg remains motionless, looking at the operations of authorities, and has launched a massive advertising campaign in favor of Free Basics, encouraging users to send notifications through email and Facebook to TRAI.

The interest of Facebook to support the reasons for Free Basics is so strong that it it has presumably ended up sending requests for support to its users in the US and the UK and then artificially thickening the items’ ranks that TRAI will feel.

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Free Basics gives people access to essential services, such as communication, health, education, job opportunities and agricultural information – all without data charges This helps those who do not afford to pay for the data, or who need a little help to make their online debut. And it is open to all individuals, developers, and mobile network,

Facebook defends.

The controller takes the temporary block for deliberation on measures to guarantee access to the Internet without discrimination, simple, and affordable, but also concerned about the trial and market access. Alternatives to offers like that proposed by Facebook can also be presented until December 30.