The famous group behind KickAss, KATRG was an in-house pirated movie and TV show contributor has again started uploading torrents.

The Famous Group Behind KickAss Started Uploading Torrents

As we all know a few months ago, Kickass Torrents website went down. Torrent lovers also observed the farewell of This was a depressing news for all torrent lovers because all the well-known torrent websites are shutting down.

But, just after the death of KickassTorrents, many fake proxies arrived on the scene and this also helped the other lesser known torrent websites to gain popularity. Back in July 2016, was a result of the original KickassTorrent staffers who grouped to build a community website. However, it didn’t offer any torrent links, and just before the end of 2016, the dead torrent hosting website KickAss Torrents reportedly resurfaced online.

However, now it is almost a month passed and once again we have now heard about the popular KATRG site which is famous for releasing pirated entertainment content. The popular KATRG site has now already restarted its services on the renewed KAT domain. As the KATRG is KickAss Torrents’ in-house release group which initially appeared in the year 2015.

But, we should not forget everything so fast. As we all saw and know very well the earlier results of KickAss Torrents and its founder Artem Vaulin. Moreover, we all are well aware that how users have now started adopting online audio and video streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

So, now it is profoundly absurd that KickAss Torrents may gain the same level of popularity again, simply it will work as a big loophole in the illegal global consumption of copyrighted contents.


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