FBI Director reveals that why he covers his webcam with tape. FBI director, James Comey on Wednesday gave speech regarding privacy at Kenyon College, Ohio said that he is more concerned about the task of secret surveillance which is the reason he covers his webcam camera with tape, a sign that is generally considered to be “paranoid”, as per NPR.

The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Laptop’s Webcam, know why

While giving a speech, Comey debated several issue regarding privacy and encryption, reiterating his explanation that “absolute privacy” hampers law enforcement. This unrehearsed comment during Q&A session at Kenyon College emerges aftermath of US Department of Justice’s fight with Apple regarding iPhone unlocking which belonged to San Bernardino shooter. Apple openly refused the FBI’s demand to unlock the iPhone, later FBI claimed to have successfully gained access to the shooters iPhone.

“I saw something in the news, so I copied it. I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera,” Comey said during his talk. “Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”


Comey’s explanation is that an enthusiasm with privacy offends the law enforcement efforts, he also disclosed that he believes that why people are taking steps in order to protect themselves. Actually, he also does the same.

During speech, Comey also explained that tech companies should not consider to build devices that are “unhackable” to law enforcement agencies. Now we came to know that Comey puts tape over his webcam for privacy reasons.


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