The American Intelligence Agency, FBI has accepted to unlock another iPhone as few days ago it managed to access data present data in San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5C. It reportedly unlocked the iPhone few days ago and now it is gearing to unlock another iPhone and an iPod relating to a homicide case in Arkansas.

FBI is Gearing To Unlock Another iPhone in Homicide Case

As per report, FBI has accepted to help an Arkansas prosecutor unlock an iPhone and iPod which was reportedly used by two teenagers involved in killing of a couple. A judge yesterday agreed to reschedule the trial so it will help prosecutors to unlock the two iOS devices.

However, certain details about this case are still unsure. The FBI has not confirmed whether the two iOS devices are in the same way as iPhone 5C which it successfully unlocked this week. Also it is not clear whether it will use the same method to unlock these two iOS devices. Recently, experts claimed that it is not sure whether this method will work on other iPhones or not.

Prosecutors in Arkansas case recovered the iPhone in July last year, but till now it hasn’t gained access. The lawyer of one of the teenager said that they are “not concerned about anything on that phone” after being informed to measures taken to gain access to its contents. Moreover, one of the accused teen is believed to have used the iPod for communication purposes regarding homicide and there may be proof on the device.

Earlier, FBI requested Apple to write a new software which could let them to gain access to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. However, Apple denied the favor of FBI and termed the its demand as threat to users security and may further result in vulnerabilities in other iPhones.


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